3 Easy Steps for Getting Stains Out of Your Winter Whites


While the cold-weather months may feel all but bright, an outfit filled with chic winter whites is the perfect way to brighten up your look (and, if we do say so ourselves, your mood) when low temperatures have got you feeling a little blue. Unfortunately, with the visual appeal of an all-white outfit comes the not-so-bright downside of having to shield your stain-prone threads from winter’s elements (we’re talking hot chocolate stains, dirty snow splatters, and soup spills). But since avoiding mishaps is easier said than done – white clothing is almost like an accident magnet of sorts – we’ve got you covered with a simple 3-step system for eliminating even the most stubborn of stains from your favorite winter whites.

Pre-treat your clothes.

The first secret to making sure that stains don’t set into your winter whites is to pre-treat your threads before even starting with your usual washing routine. Add a strong stain remover to affected areas on your clothing and let sit for a bit before moving onto step #2.

Scrub away.

After letting your stain remover sit and settle on the stain for a bit, begin gently scrubbing away at the affected area. This will help breakdown the stain by activating the stain-fighting solution and allowing it to work its way deep into the fabric.

Pre-soak before washing.

With the stain-fighting solution worked into your clothing, it’s now time to soak your clothing before finally getting on with the actual wash. Place your garment in a mixture of hot water and bleach (opt for natural brands if you can for a gentler treatment on your clothing) and let your garments soak until the stain is more or less gone. Afterwards, wash your clothing as usual.

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