3 Essential Habits of Effortlessly Stylish People

Fashionable women walking outsideWe all know them – those people who always seem to be one step ahead of the fashion scene, and who pull of the looks you wouldn’t even think to put together. But when it comes to looking stylish without much effort, there are a few simple rules that tend to apply across the style board.

They look for mood inspiration, not style inspiration. 

Here’s the deal: there are a ton of street style blogs, fashion photography sites, and celebrity style pics that we could turn to for inspiration when we’re feeling a little uninspired in the fashion realm. But when it comes to channeling those outlets, the most stylish ladies don’t look to these sources with the intention of copying exactly what they see (where’s the fun in that anyway, right?). Instead, they look to these sources with the intention of seeking mood inspiration. Basically, every outfit gives off a particular vibe or mood, and that’s something that it’s possible to channel and replicate with your own pieces and style influence, so long as you have an idea of that basic guiding feeling. 

They find wardrobe pieces anywhere and everywhere.

We’ve all got our favorite places to shop for wardrobe essentials, and especially stylish women are no different. But one way they may differ from others is in the fact that they’re hardly confined or limited by their store preferences. That’s to say, just because they might have some go-to places to seek out trendy or timeless pieces, stylish gals are really always on the lookout for unique pieces that they can add to their wardrobe. They may spend the afternoon perusing the racks at Zara and Topshop to snag some wardrobe essentials, but they’ll just as likely find their newest accessory at a flea market or craft fair. Some of the most stylish women are those that can (and often will) find a way to style just about any cool find in a way that looks totally on-trend, if not a little ahead of it.

They never try too hard. 

We’ve all tried to play off looks that took a lot of effort as ones that barely took any effort all (the whole, “oh, this old thing” routine). But with some of the most stylish folks, the thing is that they actually don’t try too hard. For the most part, looking super stylish goes hand-in-hand with looking like you didn’t put a whole lot of effort into your look. For example, rocking sneakers with a slightly dress-up affair, or wearing your hair naturally when everyone else has got it perfectly coiffed. The key is to just rock your look with confidence instead of trying too hard to make it look on point.

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