4 Rules for Rocking a Monochromatic Look the Right Way

For all their simplicity, monochromatic looks can be unexpectedly tricky to pull off. It can be hard, when working with different shades of the same color or different pieces of the same hue, to create a look that looks perfectly pulled together without feeling kind of boring. The secret to doing a monochromatic look right and keeping things interesting, though, is finding ways to infuse your ensemble with a little bit of variety and diversity where your color scheme is lacking. To help you make the most of your one-color looks, we’ve rounded up four of the most important tips to keep in mind every time.

RULE #1:

One of the most important tricks to keep in mind when building a monochromatic look is to play around with texture and fabric. Your hues aren’t showing a lot of variety, so pairing pieces like a glossy pair of patent leather pants with some matte-looking suede heels and a shimmery satin top is one way to keep things exciting.

RULE #2:

Another big trick? Proportions. Mix and match loose-fitting pieces with tighter wardrobe picks to create a silhouette that is visually interesting thanks to its variety of shapes and sizes. For example, you can pair an oversized blouse paired with a pair of skinny jeans to create an ensemble that has fitted elements in addition to baggier ones.

RULE #3:

Since color is the most important unifying element in a monochromatic outfit, it means that you can worry less about trying to keep things looking cohesive by sticking to a single style. Play around with combinations of chic elements and sportier picks, or trendy pieces with more classic, preppy ones. The mixing and matching of styles will keep your outfit interesting while the common color will keep everything looking somewhat uniform.

RULE #4:

The last big tip for pulling off a monochromatic look is throwing a bit of a curveball into the mix. While you strive to keep all of the different elements in your outfit the same color, consider throwing in an accessory that has the same color as a base, but combines it with a pattern or print. This will add something a little unexpected to your outfit and is sure to offer an exciting pop to your look.

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