4 Tricks to Upgrade Your Eye Makeup Routine

Tired makeup routine got you down? Been there. With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to amp up your makeup in preparation for your packed social calendar. New makeup routine, new you. Here are some simple tricks and products you can snag to take your makeup routine to the next level.

Use eyeshadow as eyeliner.

Say you ran out of eyeliner and you don’t have time to run out to Sephora and grab a new one. Don’t panic. Turns out that your eyeshadow palette can double as eyeliner with the right technique. All you have to do is wet your shadow while it’s on your brush, then glide it on as you would your regular eyeliner, and voila – crisis averted. Be ready though – this technique will leave you with a more intense line than regular eyeliner would. If you don’t want an extremely bold line, you can use your dry eyeshadow powder to give your eyes a softer look. The best way to make this look exactly the way you want it to is to use a thinner brush to apply the eyeshadow.

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Blend your eyeshadow into the crease.

If you’re torn between wanting to wear natural eyeshadow and going for the smokiest eye you can pull off, then you should try “the sunken eye” look. With the help of certain-shaped brushes, you will be able to blend shadow right into the sockets of your eyes and cancel out any harsh edges you may have as a result. You’ll also want to bring your eyeshadow down around your lower waterline to give the look its full effect. Another tip for this look is to make sure you don’t overdo both your face and lip makeup, otherwise your eyes will end up looking totally out of place. This look is so raw and fashionable these days, yet almost effortless.

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Curl your eyelashes.

Sure, those eyelash curlers look terrifying – like, some sort of medieval torture mechanism of sorts – but they can completely change a makeup look in the blink of an eye. When you roll out of bed in the morning and need to put on your full face of makeup for work, don’t shy away from curling your lashes. A little love from your curler will instantly have your lashes looking as long and luscious as ever. And the best part about doing this simple step is how long they stay curled for. Most mascaras diminish throughout the day, but if you curl your lashes, they will stay curled even as the mascara wears away, keeping them looking long without the extra help.

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Change up your mascara application process.

We all have those days where our mascara and eyelashes are not communicating properly, and all we’re left with is lashes that don’t look long enough or keep getting clumped together (cringe). But before you throw out that new bottle of mascara in a rage, the trick to remedying the situation, though, might just be to switch up how you apply your mascara. Tons of makeup artists change the way they apply their mascara every once in a while, whether it be wiggling the lashes  or zig-zagging the brush back and forth. In changing up the application, you can totally get the look that you’re going for.

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