5 Hair Masks You Can Totally Make Yourself

Hair in a braid

Some days, it’s extremely hard to get your hair looking picture perfect and the way you want it to. Your flyaways are pointing in all different directions and your split ends are way beyond repair. But just because the occasional bad hair day happens to everyone doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s something you should be willing to put up with.  With the help of these simple make-it-yourself hair masks, you can easily strengthen your hair and improve the look of your locks in no time. So instead of struggling with dry or oily hair, try one of these DIY remedies.

Avocado + Honey + Coconut Oil + Mayo

Even if you’re one of those lucky gals who’s been blessed with luscious locks and who only has a bad hair day once in a blue moon, it never hurts to give your hair a little boost with the help of a homemade mask. This mixture has everything you need for better volume, glossier locks, and fuller looking hair, so applying this mask every so often – try once a week or so – is a great way to keep your hair looking it’s best at all times (even if that wasn’t really a concern to begin with).

Egg + Honey + Olive Oil + Mayo

If you’ve got curls for days, this mask will be your best friend. After keeping this mask in your hair for 30 minutes once a week, you will notice the egg and the mayo working together to keep your hair looking shiny and full of life. However, always make sure to wash your hair vigorously after doing this mask because of the raw egg. You don’t want yolk hanging around your locks even after your mask session is over (yuck!).

Egg Yolk + Honey + Coconut Oil

Let’s face it: most of us have dabbled in the realm of dying our tresses. Regardless of how you went about the process (at a salon, at home from a box, etc.), your hair is most likely a little damaged from the constant coloring, and it’s time to take care of that. This mixture will help your hair get back to a healthier time, before the effects of dye took over. We’re talking softer, more manageable locks. Allow it to stay for 30 minutes and apply once a week to get the full effect.

Lemon + Honey + Apple Cider Vinegar

Many of us struggle with oily hair, and it can get frustrating to look like you haven’t washed your hair in days when you just showered the night before. The apple cider vinegar and the lemon mixed together in this hair mask remove any excess oil that may be haunting your mane and allow your hair to look sleeker and feel softer than ever.

Banana + Honey + Yogurt

Humidity is not our friend, and we’re coming off a few months of some serious damage thanks to summer. But don’t worry – we have found you some help in the frizzy hair department. This hair mask will completely tame your frizz and allow you to walk around the streets confidently – and without feeling the need to hide under your soon-to-be-brought-out fall scarves.

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