5 Ridiculously Adorable Halloween Costumes for Dogs

So here’s a fun story: one day, a couple of us Sole Serum gals sat around a coffee table and discussed potential costumes for this year’s Halloween. We quickly tired of planning our own costumes and turned our attention to someone who possesses all the darling pizzazz we long for on Halloween, Sadie!

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Turns out, planning a dog’s Halloween costume is way more exciting than just about anything, and we’re pretty sure it burns calories. Ok, maybe the second part isn’t entirely true.

We scoured the shops and found five ridiculously cute get-ups for sweet Sadie.  I mean, Halloween only happens once a year, right? We have to milk this holiday for all it’s worth and spread the Sadie joy and cheer while we can.

So without further adieu, here are Sadie’s favorite Halloween looks:

1.) Sadie the Sand Crab


There just are no words. Am I right?


2.) Sadie the Butterfly Princess

Sadie was a little bummed that we forgot her crown and wand. Next time, Sadie girl! Next time!


3.) Sadie the Turtle


I believe Sadie’s portrayal of a turtle really emphasizes the nobility of the creature. Well done, Sadie. You’ve given us all something to think about.

4.) Sadie as Ellen

This was probably Sadie’s favorite look.

She even wanted to take Ellen to the next level and give her butterfly wings. We applaud you, Sadie.

5.) Sadie the Fire Engine

The city of Manhattan Beach has never seen such a fly fire truck. You can tell she’s really proud of this look. Check out that stance!


We hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as we did! Let the Halloween festivities begin!

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