5 Thanksgiving Outfit Formulas to Help You Outshine the Turkey

Excited to get dressed to the nines just to hang out in your living room and eat a bunch of food with the family that saw your awkward middle school stage? Us too!

Thanksgiving attire needs to strike the balance between ‘This might be our holiday card’ and ‘I’m going to fall into a food coma on the couch later,’ so a mix of styles and cuts is a must. This year, we’re thankful for cozy sweaters, comfortable booties, and all the corduroy under the sun. Check out these five fail-safe outfit formulas for a fabulous, filling, and fashionable Thanksgiving.

1. Madewell Sherpa Cocoon Coat, $258 | 2. Anthropologie Donna Hooped Drop Earring, $48 | 3. & Other Stories Boxy Wool Blend Sweater, $99 | 4. Madewell Corduroy A-Line Mini Skirt, $79.50 | 5. Topshop Nessa Beaded Tote Bag, $48 | 6. Topshop HENDRIK High Ankle Cuff Boots, $170

Who doesn’t love a little texture? The warm brown hues melting off that corduroy skirt and cozy shearling coat pair nicely with the pop of pink in the sweater, and tone down the go-go girl style white booties so that the whole look is family meal appropriate. Some lucite earrings and a beaded bag keep things rigid, while still letting you get your fill of turkey and dressing.

1. & Other Stories Faux Shearling Teddy Coat, $179 | 2. Bershka Maxi Rhinestone Earrings, $9.90 | 3. & Other Stories Wool Blend Turtleneck Sweater, $89 | 4. Anthropologie No Name Leopard Arcade Sneakers, $168 | 5. Madewell 10″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans: Stretch Velvet Edition, $130 | 6. MANGO Multiple Compartment Belt Bag, $49.99

Looking for a deeper level of extreme comfort? Well go ahead and wrap yourself in a teddy bear coat, swap out the heels for some sweet sneaks, and belt your purse onto your body so you don’t go looking for it in the pile of bags on the couch. A few giant rhinestones will make it clear that you’re still dressed up while you use the wide cut of the white sweater to hide your extra serving of dressing. Cranberry sauce stained your pants? Not when they’re already the same color!

1. Anthropologie Gail Bib Necklace, $68 | 2. Zara Gloves with Chain, $29.90 | 3. Matiko Jeanine Snake-Printed Booties, $135 | 4. Madewell Skyscraper Sweater-Dress, $118 | 5. Madewell Oversized Jean Jacket, $168 | 6. MANGO Round Leather Bag, $59.99

We don’t need no stinkin’ pants to get in the way of our pumpkin pie, so a cozy sweater dress is clearly the move. The denim and shearling jacket is casual enough to balance out that beautiful, statement-making necklace (that just so happens to resemble turkey feathers, no?) while some plain black accessories keep the attention squarely on those stunning snakeskin booties.

1. & Other Stories High Waisted Leather Pants, $379 | 2. & Other Stories Front Cut Suede Boots, $129 | 3. Madewell Inland Striped Turtleneck, $69.50 | 4. Clare V. Polar Foldover Clutch, $278 | 5. & Other Stories Pearl Bead Hanging Earrings, $29 | 6. Madewell Plaid Bryant Coat, $328

Okay fine, we admit it, we want to show up all our cousins in the group family photo, so we whipped out some slick green heels, drop pearl earrings, and a fluffy faux fur foldover just to dial things up a notch. Plus, leather pants may not be the most forgiving choice when it comes to overeating, but they look damn good under a sweet color-blocked sweater and classy plaid overcoat.

1. & Other Stories Snake Chain Hanging Earrings, $29 | 2. Topshop Faux Fur Collar Check Coat, $180 | 3. Madewell Corduroy Overall Dress, $118 | 4. Zara Leather Ankle Boots with See-Through Heels, $129 | 5. Madewell Donegal Inland Turtleneck, $69.50 | 6. MANGO Texture Bicolor Bag, $79.99

A compromise between the flashy and the food-friendly; cozy sweater + corduroy dress = comfortable yet chic, enhanced in fanciness by the subtle gold hoops, lucite heeled booties, and va-va-voom pink plaid coat. Hide all the leftovers in the chunky, textured bag while everyone else poses for 1.2 million pictures.

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