5 Tips to Make Your Sweatpants Look Super Chic

Bella Hadid and her friend at the airport.

At the height of the athleisure trend, sweatpants are no longer just for lounging around the house. It’s not only completely socially acceptable to rock a pair of comfy sweats in public, it’s actually considered fashionable — because anything Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner do is instantly considered the height of fashion, no exceptions. If you ask us, it’s about time this trend made its way to the top. Why limit comfort to a stay-at-home movie day when you can make your sweat pants look just as good as any designer pair of jeans? If you’re haven’t quite reserved your seat on the sweatpants bandwagon yet, get prepared to hop on board with these five tips to make your sweats chicer than ever before.

Add Heels

It may seem weird at first pairing something so casual with something that’s supposed to be so fancy, but trust us — and the countless celebrities that have rocked this look — it works. A pair of sleek heels with scrunched up sweats effortlessly takes a your look from “just rolled out of bed” to “ready to hit the town”. It may defeat the original purpose of comfort, but remember you’re wearing sweatpants, you have to compromise at least a little.

Incorporate Layers

Adding more layers is a foolproof way to make any outfit more exciting, and this rule remains true for sweatpants. Whether you choose to pair your sweats with a cozy cardigan, a casual flannel around the waist, or a decorative bomber jacket, your outfit will instantly become more stylish without losing the comfortable factor. Because there are so many different easy layering options available, this is a look you can count on for any occasion. Let your creativity run wild.

Think Monochromatic and Matching

If you want to look particularly fabulous strutting the streets in your sweats, go for a matching set or a monochromatic look. No one can deny the fierceness of confidently rocking a bright pair of sweatpants with an equally bright, matching sweatshirt. No one will question your sense of style for a second, and you’ll basically be walking around in your P.J.’s. Win-win. Most sweat sets are already create a monochromatic look, but if you want to create your own, pick a light color pallet and play with textures and proportions until you get something you feel comfortable in, literally and figuratively.


You can spice up any outfit with the right accessories. When putting together your ensemble, focus less on the sweatpants and shirt and more on what you’re going to pair them with. Pick a pair of crazy sneakers or sleek booties, add a pop of color with a bright bag, throw a statement necklace or earrings into the mix, up your glam-factor with a giant pair of sunnies, or top off the whole look with a hat of your choosing. Whatever you add, don’t afraid to go bold. Chances are, your sweats are a solid neutral color, so you have a great basic piece to build on when choosing all your not-so-basic accessories.

Bring Out the Crop Top

Chic meets sexy with this simple pairing. It’s time to break out your favorite crop top and your confidence and show some skin with your sweats. The low key risqué feel of this look makes it flirtatious, but effortless — the perfect combination for creating the illusion that looking great without trying is easy. Except, this time it’s actually the truth. What’s easier than throwing on some sweats and a comfy crop? Tighter crop tops make for a chicer look while looser tops create a casual cute vibe. Whichever you’re going for, embrace the crop and let your curves shine.

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