5 Under-the-Radar Fashion Weeks That You Should Be Paying Attention To

New York has the delis, London has the tea, Milan has the cappuccinos, and Paris has the croissants. There’s no doubt that fashion month will fill you up with delicious delicacies as well as an onslaught of heavenly creations that could stock up a million inspiration boards – but the four OG heavy-hitters aren’t the only cities you should be checking in on on the fashion scene. Here are five other fashion weeks that’ll surprise, delight, and maybe even win you over.


The Danish capital’s fashion week gets bigger and better every year, in huge part thanks to the insanely good street style on display. The Danes are known for pairing strikingly good style with an innate desire for comfort – so everyone ends up looking super chic without spending all night bandaging blisters. Are cool Danish girls taking over for cool French girls? Let the street style battles begin!

Mexico City

Mexico’s big week for fashion draws the best of the best from all over Latin America to show off in the streets of the capital city. Designs often reference warmer climates (and the clothing necessary for them), so following these shows are a welcome respite for cold-weather dwellers during winter’s darkness.


The Japanese have long been known for their impeccable taste when it comes to design, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they pretty much nail the whole fashion week thing. The designers (and the attendees) in Tokyo are always ready to get super experimental, making for a fun-filled week to watch, even if only from your phone screen.


One of Europe’s funkiest capitals also plays home to one of the freshest weeks in fashion. Doused in dourness but permeated by absurdity, Berlin’s streets are filled with eclectic looks while the runways go above and beyond to get, well, weird.


They’re kicking up quite the stylish stir down undah, where the frilly, flowy, fabulously bright Aussie girl style is growing into a more structured, classical silhouette, but always with that signature chill factor.

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