6 Brilliant Tips to Help You Get Ready Faster in the Morning

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All women have gone through this, and as women, we know it too well. The morning rush to get ready. Every time we wake up, it seems as if we’re flustered and stressed while we’re attempting to get ourselves pretty and put together for the day. Some mornings are harder than others, when we can’t even focus on perfecting our makeup or brushing our hair, and there’s no way you can finish everything you are supposed to do in a reasonable amount of time. This results in you running from the subway to work, and you’re now sitting at your desk in a puddle of sweat wondering how it is possible to get ready in the morning with a little extra time on your hands. Here are some tricks to leaving yourself plenty of time in the morning so you walk into work calm, cool, collected, and NOT out of breath and sweating.

Check the weather for the week ahead.

Most of us know to check the forecast the night before so that we decide what we need to put on our body for the next day, but it makes life a whole lot easier if you check the forecast for the entire week every Sunday night. This will help you get a general idea of what you should be wearing each day in any type of weather. So if you look on Sunday night and see rain in the forecast for later in the week, you will be better prepared for it and have an idea of what you should be wearing during that time.

Pick out your outfit the night before.

This tip automatically saves you tons of time. Before you lay down in bed and close your eyes for the night, lay your entire outfit out near your closet or on the floor of your bedroom, including your jewelry, shoes, and handbag. That way, you have already eliminated a huge part of the getting ready process, saving you from rummaging through your closet and trying to decide what goes together at the last minute.

Have your handbag ready to go.

Just like your outfit, you should have your handbag completely packed the night before. This includes lunch if you decide to pack that day, a sweater for the chilly conference rooms, and any other random things you may need throughout your day. This will enable you from running around and grabbing things off of tables on your way out in the morning.

Keep your closet organized.

Having an idea of where everything is positioned in your closet can save you a crazy amount of time in the morning. It’s best to set up your closet so that you can see everything that you own. That way, you can get the creative juices flowing and be able to pick out an outfit easier. From there, you should try color-coordinating your closet by starting with darker colors and easing towards lighter ones. This may sound ridiculous, but it actually helps you in the long run. Keep your shoes lined up on the floor of your closet so that you can see them all and have a more efficient way of deciding what to put on.

Keep your outerwear out of your closet.

A major fashion hack that every girl should live by is separating your jackets, scarves, raincoats, etc. from the rest of your clothes. They take up WAY too much room in closets, which will only get in your way and waste your time while you’re looking for an outfit. They will also be easier to remember to grab on your way out for those cold, rainy days.

Don’t wear too many accessories.

Some businesswomen have a strict dress code, sticking to only business skirts and blazers, so being able to accessorize is how they express themselves fashionwise. But if you want to save yourself time and energy in the morning, don’t overdo it with the jewelry and what-not. Plus, keeping it simple looks so much better… and more professional. Stick to simple chains and bangles.


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