6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Millennial Halloween Party

The only thing scarier than a horror movie marathon? Throwing a Halloween bash that turns out to be a bit of a dud. (Eeeeek.) Thankfully, we’ve got some spooky pointers to make planning a successful party with all your millennial friends in mind a walk in the park (or, haunted corn maze, maybe?). Follow these easy tips to keep the vibes cozy and comfortable while adding in a bit of mystery. Happy haunting, Halloweenies!

Bump the tunes.

Keep your gals and ghouls bouncing all night with a tasteful selection of melodies designed to fill in the background noise and give you a beat to move your bones to. Spotify has a whole genre committed to Halloween, but we particularly love the Halloween Party playlist that mixes in OG spooky numbers with some of the hottest music of the moment. The inclusion of “Monster Mash” is non-negotiable.

Don’t be afraid to decorate.

There’s nothing like a few cobwebs and plastic spiders to really jazz up a joint. Retailers like Urban Outfitters, World Market, and Target have tons of festive ways to add some pizazz to your party. Give your actual pup a night off from all that attention your guests usually shower her with by popping this skeleton dog in the corner as an on-brand decoy, of sorts.

Encourage photography.

In the age of the digital, we millennials sure are nostalgic for printable photos. Stock up on Polaroids and give everyone an adorable memento to take home from the evening. If you don’t want to pony up the bucks for all that expensive film, drop a couple of disposable cameras around the party instead and see what ghosts come back to haunt in the light of day.

Punch it up.

Most of your pals will be sipping on a variety of pumpkin beers and spiced ciders, but it’s always fun to provide a backup for the unprepared. Here are 28 playful punch recipes to really make your guests question if you’re attempting to poison them en masse.

Cue the social media-friendly lighting.

If it’s not on social media, did it even happen? Add some mood lighting that’s perfect for Instagram Stories so that all of your guests can basically live stream the spooky soirée and incite some serious FOMO in those attending far-less-jazzed-up parties. How can you say no to pumpkin fairy lights?

Throw a costume contest.

Every year, the competition for most-culturally-relevant-but-not-offensive costume gets more intense. With exactly zero seasons of “Game of Thrones” or “Stranger Things” to inspire every basic girl on the block this year, your friends will have to get extra creative, and for that, they should be rewarded. Hold a contest sometime in the middle of the evening (we recommend a runway walk to get the full effects) and offer up the prize of your choice (a Jack-o-lantern of Jack Daniels perhaps?) to the most talented among you.

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