6 Wedding Flower Trends to Know for Summer

Flowers play a major role in every wedding, but getting married in the summer presents an especially unique opportunity to get especially creative with your bouquets and arrangements by giving you the chance to use lots of color, seasonal varieties, and flowers picked straight from the garden. Whatever your theme, location, or style, this season’s floral trends are a fresh take on traditional bouquets and centerpieces.

Wild at Heart

Wild wedding bouquets are trending for the summer

Using a wide variety of wildflowers gives a bouquet a natural, flowing look, perfect for an outdoor wedding. “This breaks tradition from the perfectly round bouquets of the past and lends a more whimsical feel to the overall look,” says Angel Salazar, CEO and principal designer at Angel Salazar Design. Seasonal wildflowers and foliage create a fun, colorful look that draws the eye while remaining subtle, and keeping the focus where it should be—on the bride!

Pale & Pretty

Kayleigh Pope

Colors like blush and champagne create an understated, sophisticated look. For the bride who is all about muted tones and quiet beauty, a mix of pale pink, champagne and ivory tones with flowers like roses and peonies are the perfect choice.

Keep It Local

Couple getting married in Essex with hand-picked floral bouquet

Locally or even homegrown flowers are the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious bride. Freshly-picked, seasonal flowers present the opportunity to support local florists, or to support a garden of your own if you are gifted with a green thumb.

Deep Tones


Nothing says drama and romance like a big, lush bouquet overflowing with color. 2018’s biggest floral trend involves muted colors like sage and lavender accompanied by lighter tones, such as ivory. “Think Renaissance still-life paintings in terms of color contrast and a looser, more natural, romantic style in the design,” says Maddie Dawkins, the weddings manager from Lavender Green Flowers who did Pippa Middleton’s wedding. For a bolder effect, add a splash of color like vermilion or bright pink for a show-stopping look.

Go Green


How do you create a bouquet that is both classy and unexpected? Don’t use flowers. Many brides these days are opting for foliage-only arrangements, particularly if their theme involves deep forest green. Foliage is also a great option for wedding décor and table centerpieces. Dawkins recommends adding seasonal herbs to the mix for a fresh, aromatic design.

The Little Things

Smaller, simpler bouquets are having a moment in 2018 summer weddings

Lately, lots of brides are opting for smaller bouquets instead of huge, overflowing arrangements. After all, the flowers are not the main event—you are! Small arrangements have the benefit of being easier to carry and keeping your look subtle and sweet. Grooms are getting in on it too, using smaller, single-flower buttonholes as opposed to more elaborate boutonnieres. After all, who wants to wear a bouquet on their jacket?

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