7 Trends We’re Saying Thank U, Next To In 2019

With each new year comes a new lineup of fashion trends that we just can’t wait to try out after the ball drop. And of course, as we welcome in the new trends of the year, we usher out the old that we’ve had our fun with but are ready to call it quits on. Here, we round up a few of the biggest trends that we can’t wait to say goodbye to in 2019. 



This one came in hard and fast, and should leave the same way. It was fun for a minute, but now suddenly feels super dated and very cheap. The only thing we’re feeling conflicted over is the still-gorgeous neon makeup trend, so maybe just toss the tops but keep the eye shadow.

Dad sneakers

We get that there’s something appealing about the whole “so ugly it’s cute” phenomenon, but these things just make the wearer look like a baby giraffe that hasn’t yet grown into its gangly legs, and they paid $800 to do it. Thank u, next.

Transparent Plastic Shoes

 We love ya in a raincoat PVC, but we don’t love your hot, sweaty toes. It’s time to find some shoe materials that are a little more sensitive to mama earth, too, even though we’ll admit we’re still on board with the plastic bag trend, visually at least. See-through is for your makeup tote, not your tootsies.

Microscopic Lenses

Tiny sunglasses were fun and certainly added some pizzazz to a *lewk*, but we’re ready for something more subtle. Kylie, you can’t even see through those shades! Looking forward to some bigger, boxier lenses in the new year, but let’s steer clear of the bug-eyed uglies from way back in the ’00s. 

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Let your leopard sleep, she’s tired from appearing on every skirt on Instagram. While we’re sure there will still be many an influencer touting big-cat-bespecked products for months to come, this trend seems to have a limited lifetime whenever it re-emerges, and 2018 was no different. Still feeling the urge of an animal instinct? Lean into snakeskin instead.

Bad Plaid

1995 called, and Cher Horowitz wants her yellow plaid skirt suit back. Tartan is definitely having a moment, but there are so many more creative ways to do it than the basic Cher copycat. Say it with us: kilts! Kilts! Kilts!

Dolce & Gabanna

After watching D&G’s racism-fueled meltdown in Shanghai this past November, we’ve decided to leave the troubled Italian house in 2018, at least while the uncouth and unpredictable Stefano is still attached to it. Here’s hoping the message that consumers aren’t oblivious to brands’ social impacts will break through to even the highest ranks of the industry in 2019.

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