8 Fashion and Beauty Takeaways from the 2019 Golden Globes

When we watch the Golden Globes, we’re getting in there for the artistic accolades and the nods to some of our favorite recent works in film and television, yes. But awards aside, we’re also really in it for the fashion; the showcase of red carpet trends and style statements that we’ll be racking our brains to find ways to incorporate into our everyday lives despite, you know, not spending our day-to-day on a red carpet ourselves. (Minor detail, insignificant.) To that end, here are a few of the key fashion and beauty takeaways we left this year’s Golden Globes with.

Eye makeup ought to match your dress.

Instagram / Stylecaster / Glamour / Bulgari

Can’t decide what eye shadow to go with today? Oh, that’s easy: just match it precisely to your outfit à la Lupita Nyongo, Lili Reinhart, Camilla Belle, and co. Simple.

Oh, and your hair, too. Why not?

Instagram / Golden Globes

Okay, also, why stop at your eye shadow. Want to make a real statement? Maybe just go all in and do a hair/dress combo, per Lady Gaga’s example. Now, we’re not saying that this is a lesson we’re willing to turn into the primary tenet of our 2019 aesthetic, but given how well it’s working out here, it’s an idea to play with. Just a thought.

Sunshine yellow is very in.

Instagram / Rachel Brosnahan / Rodarte

As are pretty much all vibrant, in-your-face colors and prints, apparently. Whether it was Rachel Brosnahan’s sunflower-esque Prada gown or Danai Gurira’s custom red-and-orange Rodarte number that was inspired by Zimbabwe’s national flower, the flame lily, this year’s red carpet was a showcase of bright, fiery hues that we’ll gladly try out for ourselves this year.

We may or may not be in the market for a sequin harness.

Instagram / GQ

Okay, just to be clear. We’re not saying that we fancy ourselves equivalent to Timothée Chalamet, per se. Nor do we dare postulate that you could pull off a sequin harness with the same effortlessness. What we are saying, however, is that we’re kind of obsessed with whatever was happening here and would like to at least pretend that we could swing it.

Maybe not leopard isn’t out after all.

Instagram / La Chambre HQ

Oh, remember when we said that leopard was over and we were leaving it in 2018? Well, Anne Hathaway has spoken (via Elie Saab) and sorry, we’re reneging on our previous position. Long live the leopard print.

It’s time to stock up on some barely-there nude garments.

Instagram / Elle

Okay, we may be all about the loud prints and colors that are clearly trending per the red carpet, but we’re also seeing a nod to a far more subtle color trend that we’ll just as easily get behind: nude. Snag some barely-there pieces that basically act as an extension of your skin tone and make a statement by pretty much not making a statement at all.

Exposed bras are having a moment.

Instagram / Alison Brie

Gone are the days of shopping tirelessly for the perfect strapless, backless, cant-tell-it’s-there-even-if-you-wanted-to bras to pair with those deep necklines and backless gems. Instead, it’s time to embrace a little thing called a statement bra that you can flaunt proudly under those tops and dresses you previously didn’t know how to rock.

Women will never not look baller AF in a statement suit. It’s just a fact.

Instagram / Alberta Ferretti / Elsie Fisher

This isn’t so much a takeaway as it is a reconfirmation of what we’ve always already known to our core. So, yeah.

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