All the Things You Should Already Be Stocking Up on for Spring

Baby, it’s warming up but still a little bit breezy outside, so you better get ready for some challenging transitional outfits. We’ve figured out the best way to handle the cranky spring elements is with a simple formula detailed below: dress + sweater + shades + shoes + bag = the perfect date outfit on the perfect date: April 25th, because it’s not too hot, not too cold, and all you need is a light jacket. (Thank you, Miss Congeniality.) Read ahead to gather the necessary ingredients for a sweet slice of transitional spring pie.

Item #1: Get a sweet sundress that won’t leave you too exposed to the elements.

Whether it’s a little more leg coverage, or an extra bit of sleevage (if you will) on the shoulder, that bonus fabric will come in handy when the winds pick up, but stay flowy enough to keep you cool whenever the sun rears its head in the high afternoon. A (mostly) muted color palette over some pretty patterns keeps the look from swinging too hard into one season or another, and makes the garment all the more useful in your closet.

Item #2: Grab a cozy sweater to keep the last winds of winter at bay.

Adding on another layer provides endless opportunities for pattern play, as well as a healthy dose of contrasting texture. And since we’ve chosen a dress for the bottom half, that statement piece will always be playing peek-a-boo without getting overshadowed by a big heavy coat.

Item #3: Throw your look a little shade.

The sun’ll come out sometime soon, so we’d like to be fashionably prepared for its resurgence. Retro vibes are still strong in the sunglass world, but thankfully lenses have stopped shrinking to totally useless dimensions that take fashion way past the point of function.

Item #4: Snag some sick kicks for dancing in the April showers.

Flats add an instant cool-girl vibe to any sundress and sweater combo, so pick out a pair with a little personality to really up your style on the streets. Those metallic wellies look so cute, no one will even mind if you accidentally splash a tsunami into their morning commute.

Item #5: Get yourself a pretty pouch to carry all your things.

Translucent is trending, weaving isn’t going anywhere, and iridescence is still Cool (yes, with a capital “C”). Any of these options will help you daydream about Sunday picnics in the park until it’s actually warm enough to go on one.

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