Anthropologie’s New Line of Wellness Products is Your Next Self-Care Treat

From the ever-Instagrammable Anthropologie comes a new line of wellness products dedicated to their customers who wish to incorporate holistic mindfulness products into their lifestyle. The new products are currently being sold in 12 Anthropologie stores across the country, but all of the products are available online.

From eco-friendly produce bags to candles, crystals, teas, and supplements, just about every aspect of the body-mind-spirit triad is covered in the 588-product offering in the popular retailer’s new Wellness Shop. In fact, customers can browse them by “mind,” “body,” and “home” subcategories for an especially simple-to-navigate shopping experience, and we’re willing to bet you’ll find your next self-care treat in there somewhere. To get you started, we’ve picked a few of our favorites:

Anthropologie candles on purple background

Wicks and Stones Infinity Candle, $48 

This gorgeous candle clocks in at 60 hours of burn time, is custom-blended with essential oils, and features a wooden wick. When the candle has burned to the bottom, a crystal is revealed as a keepsake. It comes in amethyst, pyrite, rose quartz and quartz varieties.

Smoothie bombs to give your smoothies a boost

Nutrition Darling Smoothie Bombs, $15

These adorable little bundles can be added to your favorite smoothie recipe for an extra nutritional boost. It comes in four varieties: The Lover, The Motivator, The Transformer, and The Warrior, and contains organic ingredients like chia seeds, matcha, coconut, and cacao.

Vitruvi blend essential oils

Vitruvi Blends Oil, $24

These essential oils – blended with herbal ingredients – can be diffused or used in meditation practices, or any other time in your life when the soothing powers of essential oils are called for. This, too, comes in four different varieties: Boost, Dusk, Pacific, and Quiet.

Activated charcoal teeth whitening powder

Rustic MAKA Illuminate Activated Charcoal Whitening Tooth Powder, $20

Finally, a natural alternative to traditional chemical teeth-whiteners. This powder needs only to be sprinkled over the top of your toothbrush and used like regular toothpaste. Simply rinse and brush alternatively until the charcoal is all gone, and you’re good to go. Remember to use in conjunction with regular toothpaste, though, because charcoal on its own won’t kill bacteria.

Loose leaf breakfast tea

Cuppa and Co Breakfast in Bed Loose Leaf Tea, $10

This delicious black tea comes with all the benefits you love in addition to being organic. For infusing, try the KINTO Loop Tea Strainer ($20), which is just about the easiest tea strainer to use.

Eco wooden cutlery set

Ever Eco Bamboo Cutlery Set, $13

A sustainable dream come true. This bamboo cutlery set is finished with food-grade vegetable oil, is as light as disposable plastic utensils, and comes in a convenient organic cotton carrying pouch.

VitaJuwel Droplet

VitaJuwel Droplet, $60

This pretty little doodad is meant to infuse gem water on the go. By infusing a few drops of water with amethyst, garnet, and quartz in this beautiful glass vial, you can have access to all the benefits of energetically-charged crystal water wherever you go. Or, alternatively, try a VitaJuwel ViA Wellness Gem-Water Bottle ($78) to infuse water directly in the bottle.

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