The 7 Best Sites to Scour for On-Point Horoscopes and Zodiac Guides

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Maybe you’re a loyal daily Co–Star reader, or maybe you just peruse an article whenever a particularly enticing headline pops into your inbox. No matter the level of your zodiac affinity, these sites will provide you with powerful and occasionally hilarious insights into your own astrological world.

Man Repeller is (rightfully) known for producing some of the most joyful, intelligent, and all-around pleasant writing on the internet, so it should come as no surprise that their monthly horoscope reporting is jovial and full of fun. Plus, they also pump out some pretty great zodiac content, like the best jeans for you based on your sign, your best creative outlet, and even what you should prioritize this year.

Rob Brezny. And more specifically, his Free Will Astrology Newsletter. This is one that definitely leans toward the free-thinking hippie side of astrology, but in the absolute best way. Brezny’s writing is super encouraging and feels like you’re having a direct conversation, but it also manages to sneak some pretty intense questions into the mix; questions that might just have you rethinking everything you know (or, thought you knew). This newsletter won’t tell you exactly what to do according to the planets, but rather opens your mind to the possibilities of the current moment.

Refinery29 has been heavy on the horoscope content since the beginning, with no signs of slowing down. Check here for easily-digestible info on your weekly forecasts, abnormal astronomical events (looking at you, super blood wolf moon), and even an x-rated glance at the year ahead.

Chani Nicholas might just be the single biggest name in the horoscope world. If you don’t believe us, she recently teamed up with Spotify to create playlists for every sign (yeah, she’s got that kind of clout). With more than 30 years of experience under her belt, Chani offers tons of ways to work with her on a direct level to get an even more in-depth understanding of your personal relationship to the stars.

Madame Clairevoyant, from New York magazine’s The Cut, keeps us up to date on all the weekly movements of the astros, and how they’ll affect us in our daily lives. Plus, she helps us on the lookout for exciting times ahead. (We’re eternally thankful for the heads up about the best time of year to get weird as hell.)

Nadine Jane Astrology might be better for those well-versed in the astrological arts – or at least people who know the difference between rising and sun signs. Great news if you’re one of them: Jane just started writing out in-depth monthly horoscopes, delivered straight to your inbox.

Astrostyle, written by the AstroTwins, is all astrology, all the time. If you’re looking to fall into an internet hole and learn as much as possible about everything the zodiac can offer, spend a few hours digging through their website, and then stop at the gift shop on the way out.

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