Chic Lunchboxes Perfect for #Adulting

Just because you’re a “grownup” now doesn’t mean you have to resort to dull Tupperware and dismal paper bags to bring your lunch from fridge to desk. There are a whole bunch of dashing new designs out there that will make you excited to dive into last night’s leftovers, and might even motivate you to do a little meal prepping yourself. We’ve gathered the chicest of the modern pails and buckets to get you inspired for work week lunchtime.

The Modern Large Bento Box from Food 52 provides plenty of storage for all the different parts of your food love life, plus you can choose from an array of chic colors like Nordic white, Nordic green, or even Nordic denim (Scandinavia calling, anyone?).

Dog may be man’s best friend, but UO Cat Bento Box makes girl’s best lunch. Do you really need any other reason than it’s SO. DARN. CUTE!?

All the cool Instagram kids are wearing the backpack version, so why not branch out to the Fjallraven Kanken Mini Cooler Bag for a lunch look so cool, even the Swedes would approve.

Because we haven’t used the words ‘bento box’ enough in this list yet, the Monbento Square Bento Lunch Box is the ultimate lunchtime power-packer, with more than enough space for anything you could possible convince yourself to haul to the office for lunch. Also, who says millennial pink is dead?

A light sandwich and sleek portable storage are all you need you say? Here’s a Sandwich Box for you, complete with chunky colored band and moody industrial #aesthetic. Also, it says box appetit on the top, and puns are important.

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