Cold Brew Hair is the Newest Coloring Trend, We’re Kind of Loving It

As if we didn’t have enough cold coffee brewing in our lives these days, the vivid brown tones of our must-have morning (or, you know, all day long) java have made their way into the hair world – and Instagram hashtags – with the newest coloring trend: cold brew hair.

You know that milky swirl of deep browns and warm ambers that erupts in your cold brew when you pour in a touch of cream? That’s the goal here; to recreate the billowing spirals of caramel hues undulating against a background of rich mahogany. Think a long, light balayage look with lots of underlying lowlights to make the brighter strands really pop.

The look is achieved through a combination of highlights and lowlights over an even brunette base, but there’s plenty of room for creativity and customization when it comes to the specific color combos of the ‘lights. For those who drink their cold brew black, for example, the approach may be to add in a kick of red to mimic the lighter color produced by ice melting at the top of the glass, as opposed to those who may add those caramel highlights to recreate the look of cream or milk being added to their drink.

In other words, this is a hair coloring trend that totally lends itself to being guided first and foremost by your coffee order of choice. And thanks to the flexibility of cold brew serving styles, wearers can choose just the right amount creamer – err, color, sorry – for their locks. Whether you go for blonde, light brown, or reddish hues, there’s more than enough room to find the perfect pump of flavor for any look.

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