Cool Danish Girls Are the New Cool French Girls

French women have held a coveted place in pop culture for decades, lauded for their effortless beauty, c’est la vie attitude, and that elusive, indescribable je ne sais quoi. Rouged lips, foundation-free skin and banged bobs have ruled the roost for years now, but it’s time to move over France; there’s a new European It Girl in town.

Copenhagen has been rising quickly through the ranks of fashion cities in recent years, and along with it has come the evolution of the Cool Danish Girl. She prefers chunky sneakers over stifling stilettos, keeps her hair piece-y and loose when not tied back with several barrettes, and loves to pop some color into the (often) bleak Scandinavian skyline.

Influencer icons like Thora Valdimars, Jeanette Madsen, and Emili Sindlev can be seen sporting homegrown brands like Ganni, Gestuz, Núnoo and more all over the ‘gram when they’re not busy making the ‘Best Streetstyle Looks’ section of fashion week coverage.

Want to bring a little Scandi chic into your own daily life? Here’s your starter kit for getting a little Copenhagen cool into your routine.

Keep it flowy.

Nordic ladies prefer not to feel like all the air’s been sucked out of their midsections, and generally opt for looser fits with comfort in mind – an idea we are definitely already behind.

Go chunky.

At least when it comes to sneakers, that is. Copenhagen is one of the most bike-able cities in the world, and most residents spend more time spinning or walking to get where they’re heading, meaning teensy stiletto heels just don’t hold up. Jump on board the dad-chic train and get you some chunky, road-ready sneaks.

Don’t be afraid to take up space.

Clothes are all about the fit, and the fit is all about the shape. Use a little pouf here and structured skirting there to say to the world “I am here! and I am fluffy!”.

Put some emphasis on the outerwear.

You may have heard that Scandinavia can be quite cold in the winter. As such, it makes sense to invest some cash and style points into a few bold, outfit-making statement pieces to show off in the streets.

Play with patterns.

The idea of ‘matching’ is so early ’00s, now we prefer to pair our prints purely by preference. Try saying that five times fast, and while you’re at it, throw some of your wilder prints into an outfit together and just see how it turns out.

More monochrome, please.

This trend is everywhere, and for good reason. Wearing all black used to be the epitome of chic, and now that has transcended to every color of the rainbow as monochromatic looks take center stage. You never know, you might just enjoy dressing like a stick of butter.

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