5 Ideas from Couture Fashion Week That We Can Actually Use in Real Life

Every year around late January, when the highs of the holidays have finally worn away and the bitter cold of the real world has snuck back into our routines, we find ourselves in need of a little creative inspiration. Thankfully, the couture shows in Paris provided endless Insta-inspo, even while we were hiding under a heated blanket across an ocean in the fleece pajamas we unwrapped in December.

Here are the biggest action items we’ve taken away from the minds of fashion’s monarchs and that we plan to iterate on in our very-much-off-the-runway outfit rotation in 2019.

Ruffle a little bit of tulle.

These gigantic gowns seem to be rolling and waving in an endless sea of fluffy, semi-transparent tulle, and we are all aboard for the uber-feminine romantic vibes. Plus, all those ruffles are perfect for absorbing the shapeshifting from nights full of food and alcohol that are sure to fill our calendars come wedding season. Granted, the level of rufflage, if you will, that you choose to employ may not necessarily be on par with the levels we saw on the couture runways, but opting for something less overwhelming that still plays on the ruffle tulle trend is the key to getting the look without looking like a loofah (albeit a very fashionable one).

Go for a “doe-eyed daisy” look.

Beauty Godmother Pat McGrath made all our wishes come true at Valentino with these petal-perfect floral (or are they more butterfly-ey?) eyelash extensions. The over-the-top embellishments added tons of whimsy to an already-whimsical runway show, while social media lost its mind over the fluttering, delicate beauties. We’re looking forward to an accessibly-priced (and slightly more safe-for-everyday-use) version of this one hitting the shelves, like, yesterday.

Make a major statement.

MViktor and Rolf’s gigantic, text-heavy gowns were some of the first images of couture week to get tossed around the meme-o-sphere, and you can probably see why. This is one of the easiest styles to imitate in real life – just add some sassy internet text to a more upscale outfit. Grab your favorite logo tee, a long skirt with a high slit, your favorite heels, and take on the world.

Get personal with a pantsuit.

We can thank the influencers for this one: after sporting boxy blazers over tube tops for the last few seasons, fashion’s upper echelons have caught on and brought the glam to the boardroom. Now that blazers and jeans as a pair are super mainstream, it’s time to get back the formal version of the suit set. We recommend a shiny, silky fabric (embellishments optional) to take this look to the next – and most formal – level.

Don’t shy away from in-your-face color.

Go bright, and go monochrome. Single-palette outfit formulas have been bouncing around for a while now, and we’re so glad they’re making the move into more formal settings. Head-to-toe black might have been chic back in the day, but now it’s all about neck-to-knee colors that are at least under the same umbrella, if not the exact same dye batch. Let your inner Powerpuff Girl run wild with your chosen color of the rainbow, and commit.

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