Crayola Makeup Now Exists and Our Inner Child is Ecstatic

It’s time to color outside the lines again, kids. ASOS recently dropped a 58-piece makeup collection with Crayola (yes, that Crayola), and the collection features all of your makeup essentials in 95 vibrant shades of – you guessed it – crayon colors. (Honestly, it’s a wonder nobody thought to double down on Crayola classics like Purple Mountain Majesty and Robin Egg Blue for cosmetic purposes sooner, if you ask us.)

The vegan and cruelty-free line includes color-change lipsticks, eye palettes, not-your-average mascara, highlighters, and a painter-appropriate brush kit. Products range from $15 to $40, and can even multi-task; the vibrant face crayons, for example, are suitable for use on your eyes, your lips, and your cheeks. The products are also named after real-life crayon labels – think Dusty Rose, Tumbleweed, and Fuzzy Wuzzy – and their beautiful, gender-fluid product shoot reflects the unisex nature of the line.

Needless to say, this line is giving us all the feels with its retro throwback vibes. And given that we all liked to use our markers to scribble (ahem, expertly apply) some color onto our faces back in the day, it makes sense that our grown-up makeup products could learn a thing or two from that long-gone colorful creativity from our childhood.

So what are you waiting for? Everyone knows the coolest kid in class were the ones with the most Crayola. Now the coolest guys and gals in the office are, too.


Crayola x ASOS Color Crayon Trio Cloudy Day Face Crayons

Crayola Cloudy Day Face Crayon Trio$29

Crayola Periwinkle Face Crayon$15

Crayola Customisable Lip Palette$35

Crayola Shimmering Blush Highlighter Crayon$18

Crayola Black Mascara$16

Crayola Mauvelous Face Crayon$15
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