Drop Everything: The Royal Wedding Portraits Have Been Released and They’re As Perfect As You’d Imagine

Between the stunning Givenchy gown, those oh-so-loving looks at the altar, and Oprah, the royal wedding was everything we could have hoped for. But just because the big day has come and gone – sigh – doesn’t mean that we’re quite ready to hang up our slight obsession with the Harry and Meghan love saga just yet. Luckily, with the release of the royal wedding portraits, we have a reasonable excuse to keep gushing over the royal matrimony for just a bit longer. 

Taken by photographer Alexi Lubomirski at Windsor Castle after the carriage procession on Harry and Meghan’s wedding day, the three portraits released feature most of the royal clan, with each shot just a little more stunning than the last.

The first of portraits is a beautiful grayscale shot of Harry and his new bride on the steps of Windsor castle, while the other two are group shots in Windsor Castle’s Green Drawing Room: one of the newlywed couple with their bridesmaids and page boys, and the other of the couple with the bridesmaids and page boys, but this time along with the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Will and Kate).

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