Federer Just Signed with Uniqlo, and Here’s Why That’s Such a Big Deal

Roger Federer signs for unique collaboration with Uniqlo

Nevermind your new take on the tennis bracelet, the sport has more exciting fashion news to offer: tennis legend and 11-time tournament winner, Roger Federer, busted out some fresh threads at Wimbledon this year, and we’re definitely here for it.

Here’s the scoop: the tennis great, who had previously been with Nike, just ended his 21-year relationship with the popular sporting brand to instead sign on as global brand ambassador for Tokyo-based basics giant Uniqlo.

If the initial showing is any indicator, these two are going to work great together. Christopher Lemaire, the artistic director at Uniqlo’s R&D Center in Paris, designed the crisp, all-white look for the partnership’s Wimbledon debut. A sharp stand-up collar and small burgundy accents were classic-yet-stylish touches to an otherwise pretty restrictive wardrobe.

But there is still one major question on the tip of our tongues: what does it mean when an athlete switches over to a new sponsor, anyway? At least in this case, we think Uniqlo reps probably said it best: “Uniqlo is not a sports company.” In other words, Federer’s old pals at Nike are pretty much the sports company, so this simple change represents a seismic shift in imagery for the tennis star. We’ll be keeping an eye out for ripples across the sport and the industry.

The deal is set to span ten years, with Federer raking in a casual $300 million from the Japanese company by the end. With that much cash, he could buy a lot of Uniqlo.


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