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Okay, we get it. Althleisure is in, and every single store ever now sells activewear. With so many options open to us now, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for your next trendy pair of leggings. But fear not, whether you’re trying to be the hottest one at the gym or just trying to look like you’re on the way to the gym when you’re really picking up your online Chipotle order, we’ve rounded up a list of a few of our favorite places to get the chicest workout gear.


If you’re a yogi, this site is going to be your new best friend. With the cutest leggings and even cuter sports bras to match, Onzie has all your yoga needs covered. They even have a mens line of leggings, so hats off to them for inclusion. Newly at the top of our wish list, High Rise Graphic Legging – Las Lunas, $76.


Lucy has an amazing selection of everything to matching workout sets to comfy sweats when you just feel like having a chill day. They also have extended sizes and a maternity section that has more than just a few flowing tops. They’re all about embracing your body and getting empowered, as you can see from their Woman Up Graphic Tank, $35.


This shop is perfect for all your glamorous gym selfies. You might have to spend a little more, but when you’re strutting the streets or killing it on the treadmill in one of their matching mesh sets, it’ll all be worth it. Our favorite is the Danae Bra, $116.

Outdoor Voices

We know that sweatpants are the key to complete happiness in life, and we’re glad an activewear brand finally agrees with us. More than just a store with products, Outdoor Voices believes in Doing Things, defined as “moving your body and having fun with friends.” Now, that’s something we can support, especially if we’re wearing this Stretch Crepe Track Pant, $115.


Chances are you’ve heard of Fabletics, but we just want to re-emphasize its awesomeness. Add Kate Hudson’s name to anything and it instantly becomes awesome, so this brand started off with the right idea. They also have an online quiz that determines your personal workout style, so they obviously still have the right idea. Mostly because they sell full outfits instead of individual pieces, like the Nowra, $35.

TJ Maxx

If you’re looking for insanely cute leggings, jackets and sports bras for insanely low prices, look no further than the activewear section at your local TJ Maxx. If you’re not already a “Maxxinista,” it’s time to become one. You’ll be the most fabulous one in spin class and you’ll still have money left over to get brunch afterward. Win-win. I mean just look at these 90 Degree By Reflex Front Slit Capris with Mesh, $15.


All your favorite athletic brands are at Finishline for your favorite low prices. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, you name it. We’re all about branching out and trying new things, as this list clearly proves, but sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. Case in point: this Adidas Loose Crop Tank, $30.


Bandier has officially found the perfect combination of comfy and edgy, and we didn’t even know that combination could exist until now. You can go for a bright matching leggings and sports bra set or settle for a cute cropped sweatshirt. Oh, and they also have sneakers. The possibilities are endless. We’re going to start with the Spiritual Gangster Varsity Crop Sweatshirt, $98.


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