Gifts for the Shoe Fanatics on Your Shopping List

Here’s the gift guide for that one friend who can never seem to find enough shoe storage for all her sky-high heels; her feet probably need a little TLC from all that time pounding the pavement, so get her a gift she can actually use that won’t break your bank. 

Sole Serum

A pain-relieving lotion that soothes achy feet AND fits in your going out bag, Sole Serum is the new weekend essential. Give your friend the gift of not yelping in surprise when she steps out of bed Sunday morning and feels like she walked three miles barefoot over gravel.

Original Yoga Toes 

Yoga is great for stretching your body, and Yoga Toes are great for stretching your feet. For the bunyon-prone among us, there is no better foot trainer than these gooey guys, who will work to quite literally straighten things out before they get too wonky.

Superfeet Insole

These are the absolute best inserts around for anyone who has to be up on their feet for an abnormally long time, or someone who just has a penchant for wildly uncomfortable high heels. The Superfeet Insoles are the perfect cushion for those crazy cheap shoes you found on sale that were made with a paper-thin sole.

ENGO Heels Blister Pack

Yeah, we wish that glide-on blister preventer worked too, but thankfully ENGO has a solution. Just stick these prevention patches into the back of those brand new work shoes, NOT your skin, to stop blisters before they begin to build and protect your heels from leathery hell.

Lavender Baby Foot Peel

You’ve probably seen those gnarly social media videos of people peeling huge chunks of skin off their feet to reveal the fresh flesh underneath, all thanks to the power of Baby Foot. It’s a slightly gross yet wildly satisfying process, and by the end of it your gift recipient will have a brand new pair of tootsies.

Dr. Brenner’s Moisturizing Booties

After they’ve sloughed off that residual layer, they’ll want a pair of moisturizing booties to make sure that new skin stays as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

RAD Roller Myofascial Release Tool

The foam roller for feet, this tool helps dig down deep into muscles to release crazy amounts of tension and loosen up those knotted layers.

Refreshing Foot Scrub

If your friend has been avoiding pedicures because that buffing bar just freaking TICKLES, give them the gift of a scrub they can control so their feet will still be strappy-heel ready.

FUSSKRAFT Blue Foot Cream

Listen, stinky feet are natural, but sometimes they’re just interfering. This cream will moisturize beat-up feet while also taming some of that funky odor with the natural strength of rosemary, mountain pine, and lavender.

Tweezerman Callus Shaver

Sometimes you need something a little more intense to buff down that callus that’s been hardening ever since 9th grade soccer practice. The Tweezerman Callus Shaver helps shave things down a bit more quickly than the occasional scrub, plus it’s pretty fun.

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