Gucci Just Debuted the Most Extra Sneakers, and They Are Not Cheap

Bedazzled Gucci sneaker

Gucci has done it again. And by “it” we mean, make us want something kind of not-cute-at-all with a price tag that simultaneously makes it borderline unattainable but totally covetable (perhaps by virtue of being unattainable). The new Journey Jewel Embellished Sneaker is the epitome of the “ugly” shoe trend that has made chunky, dad-esque trainers the stars of many a runway and street style blog this year. Available in white and a multi-colored masterpiece-meets-monstrosity, the new Gucci sneaker boasts, among other details, a removable web of crystals, a la the Bedazzler of as-seen-on-TV fame. As the product description reads, “bejeweled straps race over and around a riot-of-colors sneaker amped up on a sculpted, mega-chunky flared sole.” And as the price tag reads, the sneaker is retailing for $1590. Casual.

Of course, if you’re a fan of the aesthetic but looking for something a little less flashy (or a little less pricey), you can always opt for Gucci’s Flashtrek Lace-Up Sneaker. This sneaker is the un-bedazzled sibling of the Journey Jewel, and comes in just under four digits, at $980. Plus, you can always opt for one of Gucci’s other rainbow-inspired sneakers that capture the same wildly colorful aesthetic with less of the dazzle. Other kicks like the Rhyton Rainbow Logo Sneaker, for example, stick to the same trend of chunky soles and multi-colored hues, while at least keeping things a little more mellow by using a simple white running shoe as the canvas. Gucci is also marketing a series of boldly colored low top sneakers, such as the Rocket Convertible Sneaker, which features a drop-down suede heel so that you can wear it as a slide without damaging the shoe, and the JBG Low Top Sneaker, whose bright colors, stripes, and unmistakable logo are turning heads.

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