Your Inner Child Is Begging You to Buy These Hair Accessories

Black might be the new millennial pink, but adorable hair accessories are the new it bag – if you don’t have them, you’re behind the times. Think back to middle school when hair flair was the best way to express yourself outside of Nike shorts and Rainbow flip flops, then carry that inspiration with you as you dive into a chicer, more adult world of funky hair finds.

We’ve gathered some fabulous examples from across the four major categories – barrettes, ties, headbands, and clips – so you can find enough bits and baubles to keep your hair on point all the way until the trend comes back around again.

Back with barrettes

These cute lil’ guys are so easy to snap in and head out that it’s probably worth keeping a couple in your bag for any hair-mergencies on the road.

Tying the knot

For when you need to pull things back but don’t want to look like a founding father.

Blair Waldorf throwback

Remember that time in the 2000s when every celebrity female was obsessed with headbands? That’s the kind of Queen B energy we’re looking to evoke.

Clipped in

So you can feel like a cool Danish girl wherever you are.

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