Helmut Lang’s New Campaign Makes an 86-Year-Old Former Funeral Director the New Face of Fashion

The fashion industry may have long been the face of ageism, but in recent years, maturity is becoming a bigger advantage than ever. From the legendary fashion fixture Iris Apfel, to a quickly-growing community of ‘Glammas’ on the ‘gram, older ladies are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

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Instagram/Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang’s new fall ad campaign swings the spotlight over to include a few fabulously styled octogenarians, including Margaret of Wales, an 86-year-old proud grandmother and former funeral director. Margaret looks positively chiiiiic in her beige-toned suit and impeccably layered gold jewelry.

Instagram/Helmut Lang

And she’s not the only older lady stealing the spotlight; the label also featured another 86-year-old Welsh woman, Dilys, who also holds the world record for oldest woman skydiver.

We love what she stands for, too: “Doing what you want and not being afraid.” Right on, glammas.

Instagram/Helmut Lang
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