Here Are Some Periwinkle Products for You, Since We Apparently Need to Be Reacquainted With the Hue

Lady Gaga’s showstopper of a dress at the Golden Globes this year caused a lot of commotion on the internet. And while a lot of the buzz centered around the sheer size of the dress, or Gaga’s matching ‘do, there was also a good amount of talk around the color of the dress; most notably, what color it even was. As the New York Times put it, “Lavender? Lilac? Phthalo blue?”

Most of the internet, though, went into a frenzy over such confusion, declaring that the color was very obviously periwinkle. Now, since these recent events have made it painfully clear that we’ve been all too consumed by the more common shades of blue – maybe the navies, the cobalts, the turquoises – to remember what this particular shade of blue is, we’re taking it upon ourselves to reintroduce periwinkle to the masses. To that end, here are some appealing periwinkle products to add to your stash if your life has been missing a certain special blue-purple lately.

  1. I painted my bathroom a beautiful shade of periwinkle about 14 years ago and I have enjoyed it so much.

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