Here Are the Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Fancy yourself an “in-another-life” makeup artist? Willing to take on a challenge for the sake of the Halloween Insta? Have absolutely zero qualms about being the most extra person at the party? Check out these fabulous Halloween makeup looks that are sure to shock all your friends and foes.

Think sugar candy skull a la day of the dead, but make it fashion.

Take it way old school with this classic (and still pretty) werewolf-in-the-middle-of-her-first-transition getup – you GOTTA go for the yellow contacts to complete the look, they’re even creepier in person.

It’ll take a little more than a little brainpower and a few precise brush strokes to master this scarecrow look.

In case you felt like practicing for the purge early this year.

Want something a little more innocent for the year’s spookiest night? Does it even get more innocent than a baby deer? Cute vibes only.

This is the perfect intersection of “I just want to be a witch this year” and “but I can’t do anything low key ever”. Plus if it rains, you can run around screaming “I’M MELTING!” as long as your little green heart desires.

For a less-than-full-face approach, this sweet fairy look is super cute and doesn’t have high skin-staining potential.

This is the perfect costume if your ex will be at the party, and you don’t mind haunting their dreams.

We’ll take any excuse to act a little erratic and look good doing it. Maybe if you say his name three times, Beetlejuice will appear in person to tell you just how he nails that smoky eye.

And finally, if you’re looking to scare the absolute bejeezus out of your Catholic friends who haven’t been to confessional in a minute, sneak up behind them in this terrifying get up and yell “TEN HAIL MARYS!” then run away.

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