Hold Up, Selena Gomez Is Giving Away Her Clothes on Instagram

We can’t keep our hands to ourselves after this exciting news: Instagram’s reigning queen is shipping out some of her iconic outfits to a few lucky followers.

In a video posted to her Instagram story, Selena talks about the green feathery Prada dress that she wore in the music video for “Back to You”, and mentions that she’s willing to ship it along to whoever wants it. Unclear if that means friends, fans, or both, as the singer’s DM’s are wide open to the public and she asked simply for anyone that wants the dress to “let her know”.

Selenators can also clamor for a purple figure skating outfit that the singer never quite got around to using.

So if you’ve been itching for a green Prada mini or the exact right version of a sparkly purple leotard, now’s your chance! Just make sure your DM to the most-followed account on Instagram has some real *pizzazz* to catch her eye. Go ahead, come and get it!

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