Japan Has a Hello Kitty Bullet Train and *Of Course* They Do

Hello, Kitty, and hello to you, Hello Kitty bullet train. We’ve seen the sweet little feline adorn just about every other surface (backpacks, t-shirts, stuffed animals, notebooks, and the list goes on), so why not a high-velocity locomotive?

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West Japan Railway recently unveiled the bespoke train, which the firm did with the ultimate hope that the borderline kitschy mode of transportation could significantly boost tourism. And designers took that task – and the Hello Kitty theme – very seriously. The iconic cat is plastered across the exterior, the windows, the headrests and the rugs.

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Various cars on the train are also created with a very specific purpose beyond just being car trains (because that would just be too basic, wouldn’t it?). The first car, for example, is totally void of seats but instead acts as a spot for passengers to buy regional goods and foods from western Japan. Another car features a giant Hello Kitty doll that is just willing and waiting for Instagram-happy passengers to make the most of it.

The train will run through the end of September, offering roundtrip journeys between the Japanese cities of Osaka on the west side of Japan and Fukuoka on the south. Roundtrip journeys with a side of mild feline fanaticism, that is.


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