These LUSH Masks Will Give You Your Freshest Face Ever

Remember all those magazines in the early ’00s that would, without fail – as in like, every single issue – tell you about a grocery-store-ingredient face mask that you could make yourself in your own kitchen for flawless, glowing skin? You could usually whip up some blend of avocado, raw eggs, honey, or the like into a slimy mess that had complexion-healing properties. Now, while we appreciate the effort to keep things fresh, we’d rather leave skincare to the professionals.

Thankfully, the Fresh Face Masks from LUSH let us do both! The super eco- and animal-friendly cosmetics company has a specific line of masks designed to tackle all of your skin difficulties with insanely fresh ingredients. So fresh, in fact, that they have to be refrigerated, and should be used within two weeks of purchase.

In true LUSH fashion, the list of offerings when it comes to these fresh masks – and more specifically, the problem areas that they target – is pretty extensive. Rosy Cheeks will soothe your skin and soul in millennial pink, while Cupcake promises to mattify oily foreheads and deep clean stubborn pores. Basically, whatever your skincare woes, there’s a mask to address it. So, we decided to see for ourselves what all the hype is about. To do the job, we had our talented team of interns try out a few masks and report back with their thoughts. The reviews? Pretty glowing (right along with their complexions).

MASK Brazened Honey is made with ginger, ground almonds, and honey to deep clean and revive congested skin.
IMPRESSIONS “At first, it was very thick and had a strange smell to it, but it felt nice and cool on my face and didn’t get too hard and crackly, which was good. Afterward, it made my face feel amazing, exfoliated, and glowing!”

MASK Catastrophe Cosmetic is a nourishing clay mask packed with blueberries and chamomile oil to soothe sensitive skin.
IMPRESSIONS “It was kind of hard to spread this relatively solid mask out on my skin, but the clay felt great going on, like it was actually tightly molding itself against my pores. The clay completely hardened within a couple of minutes, and my face felt surprisingly relaxed and cool the whole time it was on (even if I did look like I’d come straight out of Avatar). Peeling and washing off the dried mask was a nightmare, though, and some stubborn flakes of blue refused to wash off without a fight. But the struggles I faced at the bathroom sink were totally worth it — my face felt hydrated and supple all day, and a friend I met for dinner that evening told me my skin looked “radiant” with absolutely no prompting necessary!”

MASK Cosmetic Warrior is helping you fight for photo-finish skin with tea tree oil, garlic, and moisturizing egg whites.
IMPRESSIONS “This was my first time ever using a mask. When I first put it on, it felt very soothing. For it being a garlic mask, the smell was surprisingly fine, and once I took it off, my face felt very clear and hydrated. I would definitely use this mask in the future!”

TESTER Lindsay
MASK BB Seaweed is all about smoothing and soothing, using – you guessed it – seaweed. The ingredients work to calm your face, especially with a little help from finely ground almonds and aloe vera.
IMPRESSIONS “The texture is pretty thick, and I was skeptical of the chunks of seaweed in it at first. It didn’t smell like seaweed, though, and in fact smelled very clean. During the process, it felt very cool on my face. I would say that the hardening wasn’t immediate but definitely sort of crackly by the time I washed it off. After, my skin felt cool, soft, and refreshed. It definitely soothed my skin, which felt sort of puffy that day, and helped get rid of my dark circles. I would definitely use it again, especially on a similar day when my face felt tired and a little swollen. My skin felt so soft afterward!”

Want to decide for yourself? Head to your neighborhood LUSH store and ask for a skin consultation. One of the experts will help you find the best mask(s) for you, and you can even try out some samples before making a purchase.

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