Menocore: What Is It and Why Are We Kind of Obsessed

We know you’ve heard about normcore (probably more than you ever wanted to, if we’re being honest) but we’re here with a chicer, comfier, and just all-around better alternative: introducing, menocore.

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The term, coined by our brilliant friends over at Man Repeller, refers to a fashion movement that’s kind of like normcore, but with a menopause-inspired prefix. (Yes, menopause. And yes, this is something you want.) As Harling put it, “the aesthetic of a middle-aged woman on a low-key beach vacation.” So basically Diane Keaton and Nancy Meyers collaborating on the fashion scheme of our dreams.

Think flowy button-down tops, wide breathable linen pants, shawls and drapes (so as to be always prepared to tackle the cold), whatever jewelry catches your eye (no matter how kitschy), tiny sunglasses that serve more as décor than they do eye protection, loosely-tied hair fitted with scrunchies and clips, over-sized totes to fit all your beach reading, and, to finish off your look, incorporate anything – no, really, anything – that speaks to your personal style, because unlike normcore, menocore doesn’t have a strict uniform.

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Harling splits the menocore demographic into two distinct sides: one with a clean, crisp, neutral and linen-leading look, and another with bold prints, garish plastic jewelry, and, like, a lot of silk. Many of our favorite Instagram stars have been rocking this look for years, even if they hadn’t given it a name.

So now when your co-worker gives you side-eye for that comfy cotton dress and bright-blue scrunchie combo you wore into the office today, you can tell her it’s not unprofessional, or unfashionable. It’s just menocore. Oh, we can get used to this.

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