These Instagram Accounts That We Love Are Getting into the #Merch Game

While it may feel like we’ve been talking about “merch” for, like, ever, it’s only really in the past few years that the word has been hurtled (quite vigorously, we might add) into the zeitgeist. There are Youtube stars making millions off of it, concert-goers loyally collecting it, and even long-gone TV shows raking in the spoils. But with the expansion of the digital age (and Gen-Z’s allowance, perhaps?), there’s a whole other kind of merch is growing in popularity: Instagram merch.

Let’s start by addressing one of the more obvious sources of appeal here: buying merch from a personality that only exists on one platform – i.e. Instagram – offers a sense of exclusivity. It’s kind of like being in on an inside joke, and anyone else who recognizes the niche gear is automatically in on the joke, too.

Intrigued? Take a number. Want in on the action? We got you. Here are a few of our most-liked ‘grammers who happen to have some swaggy merch up for grabs.



Gryffindior has nailed their niche: die-hard Harry Potter fans who also happen to have a particularly affinity for designer duds. The mashup images combine high-end labels with corresponding Hogwarts houses, and manipulate the looks to match scene stills from the films. So far we’ve seen Gryffindior, Yvesslythaurent, Ravencloewe, Huffendipuff and guest appearances from Beauxbalenciaga, Miumiuggles, and the fan-favorite, Chanelf.

Although we’re not seeing a ton of actual art-recreation in the merch offerings just yet (and certainly hope to see that soon), we still love the adorable pins of the main protagonists, as well as the t-shirt option that lets us show our darker (cough cough, Slytherin) side.

Call Me By Monet


Call Me By Monet pays homage to one of the most beautifully-set movies in recent years. In the Instagram account, the charming Italian countryside that fills the background in Call Me By Your Name is replaced with the beautiful splashes and wild brushstrokes of Claude Monet, arguably the most famous Impressionist painter in history.

Want to fill your room with the sweet, youthful nostalgia of young love and idyllic summer days? Grab a poster of one of the gorgeous posts from the soothing, escapism-inducing account.

Taste of Streep


Taste of Streep is one of the most delightful and delicious accounts on the internet. In each photo, iconic actress and general legend, Meryl Streep, is edited into pictures of food corresponding to her outfit and pose. We recommend taking a healthy scroll through this one whenever you need a shot of serotonin, because the images are just sublime.

On the Etsy store featuring plenty of other fun and funky celeb paraphernalia, TOS gear includes matchboxes, candles for Meryl-worshipping, tons of stickers, and even wrapping paper so everyone will know who gave them the best present of the season.

Diet Prada


Diet Prada is the fashion world’s latest (and snarkiest) disruptor, and their merch is incredibly on-brand. DP spends its time on the ‘gram calling out copycats and nasty behavior all the way up the ladder to fashion’s biggest names (they have a particularly nasty relationship with professional internet troll Stefano Gabbana). They’ve also been leading the charge on all the latest Celine drama, as noted below.

DP’s merch speaks to their cutting wit and affinity for nasty knockoffs. Their yeezy T, which pays homage to the iconic Kanye x small sandals moment, is absolutely flying off the shelves Instagram links. Snag a keychain or a mug to let everyone know you aren’t afraid to #callitout.

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In last night's @celine show , Hedi Slimane picks right back up where he left off at @ysl .  TBH, did we expect anything else?  Hedi is a branding virtuoso with a focused, but narrow repertoire of retro club kid looks. With the likes of Anthony Vaccarello and Alexandre Vauthier churning out more elevated mega-watt 80s-inspired collections in recent years, Slimane's now look high-street by comparison.  A few sharply tailored XXL shouldered looks stole the show, but most glaring was the fact that it took 30 exits to see a model of color.  While he has a way of unearthing our hidden desires from time to time (all the financial reports from his tenure at Saint Laurent will attest to that), the white youth obsession is something we definitely won't be buying into lol.  LVMH is banking on the $limane dollars, but apparently not the creativity. We were hopeful and prepared to be surprised, but seeing the new season thumbnail on the Vogue Runway app stacked ahead of all of Phoebe's glorious collections for Céline reminds us to always remain cynical. • #celine #hedislimane #lvmh #saintlaurent #ysl #anthonyvaccarello #yvessaintlaurent #phoebephilo #retro #glam #club #clubkid #vintage #80s #newwave #rocknroll #dejavu #sequins #ruffles #minidress #ootd #wiwt #pfw #parisfashionweek #dietprada

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If you follow DP closely, you’ll know we have a major soft spot for NY indie brand @area , so it’s a MAJOR bummer to see @leandramcohen of @manrepeller knock off their signature crystal fringe heels (and at $690…they’re not exactly the look for less). With a strong retro glam/borderline questionable taste kind of vibe since their inception, these shoes in particular have quickly helped them put their own stamp on a seriously over-saturated market…a struggle even for large scale brands. Scroll to the last slide for some serious 🙄🙄🙄🙄s. • #area #areanyc #manrepeller #leandramedine #shoes #heels #shoesaddict #sandals #crystals #rhinestones #bling #sparkle #glam #retro #disco #fringe #wiwt #ootd #streetstyle #runway #thewebster #dietprada

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