We Can’t Get Over the Secret Messages Sewn Into Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding Gown

There are few things that we love more than a lavish celebrity wedding. But aside from the glamorous ceremony and the mushy gushy feelings we get watching two lovebirds come together on their big day, the one thing we are always eager to see come the big day is the bride’s dress. To that end, newlywed Priyanka Chopra, who just recently tied the knot with her former fiancé Nick Jonas in a 5-day wedding celebration in India, didn’t disappoint.


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For starters, Chopra had ample opportunity to wow us with her wedding style, given that hers and Jonas’s ceremony stretched out over the course of nearly a week and included a traditional Hindu ceremony along with a Christian one. Needless to say, the Hindu ceremony saw Chopra and Jonas in ornate, colorful Indian garb that we couldn’t help but audibly ooh and ahh at from afar if we’re being totally honest. For the traditional ceremony, both Chopra and Jonas wore looks designed by top Indian designer Sabyasachi. Chopra’s outfit – a shimmering, crimson red lehenga with hand-cut and hand-embroidered organza flowers – took an impressive 3,720 hours to create at the hands of 110 embroiderers.

And yet, the true pièce de résistance was Chopra’s stunning white gown – a custom Ralph Lauren – for the Western ceremony, which took place a day before the Hindu celebration. The elegant long-sleeve gown, which featured hand-beaded and hand-embroidered detailing throughout, along with tulle appliqués and a high-neck collar, featured over 2 million sequins and was paired with a 75-foot long – um, yeah, 75 feet – tulle veil. But the real reason we can’t get over Chopra’s gown all comes down to some of the details that were worked in beneath the surface. Specifically, some special messages and sentimental elements that were sewn into the gown.


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First off, Chopra’s gown featured a small piece of lace from her new mother-in-law Denise Jonas’s wedding gown from 1985. Then, there were the eight special messages that were sewn into the gown: “Nicholas Jerry Jonas,” which is her now-husband’s full name; “1st December 2018,” aka the date of the couple’s wedding; “Madhu & Ashok,” which are the names of Chopra’s mother and father, the latter of whom passed away from cancer in 2013; “Om Namah Shivay,” which is a Hindi mantra invoking Lord Shiva; and, finally, the words, “Family,” “Hope,” “Compassion,” and “Love.”

Crying yet? Well, here’s another little detail, just for good measure: Jonas had a little secret detail and message embroidered into his tux, too – a piece of lace from Chopra’s gown with the Urdu words “My Jaan,” meaning “my life,” embroidered into it.

Anddd we’re officially crying. Cool.

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