Red Wine Hair is Now a Thing, and We’re Drinking It All Up

Baby, it’s only getting colder outside. Now that summer’s warm evenings have long passed and we’re heading into the depths of winter, nesting tendencies are in full swing. So instead of barbecuing on the back porch, practice the Finnish art of drinking in your underwear with a fat glass of Rioja – and get the hair look to match.


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If you’re looking to switch out your autumnal cold brew coloring for something a little more festive, congratulations, you can just lather your hair in red wine in the shower. (Just kidding – please don’t waste a full bottle of pinot noir trying to achieve this gorgeous new hair trend.) No no, red wine hair is so-called not because it’s achieved by actually covering your hair in wine, but rather just because it pulls it’s deep red hue from your favorite glass of red. So rather than soaking your hair in vino, just call your trusty colorist and send them tons of Pinterest inspiration, instead.


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This beautiful burgundy shade is perfect for brunettes who missed out on that delicate fading pink that just wouldn’t stick to their deep mahogany tresses. Not to be confused with its brighter crimson cousin, red velvet hair, mulled wine hair holds onto its purple undertones to invoke feelings of coziness and comfort. Plus, it looks downright delectable.

You won’t need any bleach to pull it off, but some toner maintenance every 6-8 weeks is recommended. Which wine will you go for? A saucy merlot, or perhaps a deep somber cabernet? Whatever the option, we know your hair will be happy about it.


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