Stop What You’re Doing: Solange is Collaborating with Ikea

Solange Knowles

In her hit track “Cranes in the Sky,” singer-songwriter Solange famously tried to “dance it away” and “read it away.” Maybe now it’s time to shop it away.

Ikea, the internationally beloved manufacturer of picture-perfect furniture, has announced an upcoming home décor collaboration with The Saint Heron Collective, which Solange started in 2013. The collective, a self-described “cultural hub,” has a history of curating events, multimedia art, digital content, and online shopping.

Ikea’s official announcement of the collaboration invites customers to anticipate “architectural and interior design objects with multifunctional use.” Their head of design, Marcus Engman, has also gone on the record stating that Ikea is “curious about the creative space in between architecture, design, art and music and how that could come alive in the homes of the many people,” and that the retail giant hopes to explore those intersections in its partnership with The Saint Heron Collective. Beyond that, there’s been very little official information about the collaboration, prompting a flurry of predictions from fans of Solange and interior design alike.

While we wait eagerly for details about this show-stopping partnership and release dates for its merchandise, we’ve already started identifying some of our favorite artsy items from Ikea. Here are some of our favorite artistic, avant-garde, or multi-functional products from Ikea that are currently being sold online and in stores.

Ikea STRANDMON Ottoman, Skiftebo yellow

Ikea STRANDMON Ottoman, $69

These Strandmon ottomans come in a millennial mustard yellow shade to add a pop of color to your living room décor.

Ikea HOVNÄS Table Lamp$59

The gorgeous chrome-plated Hovnäs lamp has an unusual shape that illuminates a room like a cluster of tiny pinpricks.

Ikea TJENA Magazine file, pink, black

Ikea TJENA Magazine File$4

This low-priced paper organizers have a lovely, geometric design and are perfect for filing anything from magazines to work documents.

IKEA ART EVENT 2018 Decoration, Coarse

Ikea ART EVENT 2018 Decoration$30

This decorative fox figurine was devised by Los Angeles-based design duo Coarse as part of Ikea’s 2018 Art Event. The crystalline sculpture is affordable at $29.99 and looks great on glass shelves.

Ikea LIERSKOGEN Valet Stand with Mirror$69

The Lierskogen valet stand is a stand-up mirror, which we love, and it’s also multipurpose! The space-saving stand has convenient, inbuilt dishes that can hold jewelry, makeup, and even your phone.

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