These Are the Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts of Airport Style


Trying to squeeze in one final summer getaway before the end of the season? Once you’ve got your packing game mastered, it’s time to tackle your perfect airport look. And whether you’re the kind of person who dresses to the nines to catch a flight (you might regret those heels later, just for the record) or who’d rather roll out of bed and head to the airport in your full-on pajamas, there are a few important tips to keep in mind when it comes to dressing for a flight. Read on for a few essential do’s and don’ts regarding your airport ensemble.

Do: Go Comfy

To make traveling as easy as possible, we highly recommend a look that is equal parts stylish and comfortable. You should always make sure you’re comfortable enough to relax on your flight and during all the waiting time in between. And never forget that making comfort a priority doesn’t have to mean putting style in the back of your mind. It’s totally possible to look good and feel comfortable at the same time (athleisure is in, people). Try a pair of cute but stylish leggings and a comfortable t-shirt with your favorite athletic kicks or white sneakers.

Don’t: Go Sleep-Deprived College Student

And yes, this piece of advice applies even if you in fact are a sleep-deprived college student. The fact is, traveling is rarely going to be a smooth experience, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t muster up the energy to at least put a little effort into your look. The fact is, it’s possible to be comfortable and chic, and none of that needs to include worn-out sweatpants, ripped t-shirts, and an old pair of Uggs. Even if you’re insanely lazy, you can bypass the need for multiple layers and items of clothing by going for a loose, comfy t-shirt dress. You’ll look kind of like you tried, but won’t actually have to put in a ton of effort.

Do: Dress in Layers

Seriously, this is a must. Not only will it pull your look together, it will also protect you from the elements (i.e. in-flight air conditioning). Instead of dressing in a heavy sweater or just opting for a tank top, focus on combining both for the perfect look. Go for the tank top or a short-sleeve shirt in case you get warm, but then always bring a jacket or sweater to throw on top in case you get cold.

Don’t: Forget Where You’re Going

Another reason dressing in layers is so important is because your destination may have very different weather conditions than where you’re coming from. If you leave Florida to fly to Colorado for a winter ski trip, you’re not going to be happy stepping out of the airport into a snowstorm in flip flops and a t-shirt. On the other hand, you’re not going to be very happy wearing a winter jacket and snow boots on the way to the airport when it’s 100 degrees outside at your destination, either. So, remember to find a happy medium. We always opt for leggings because they let your legs breathe in the heat, but keep you covered in the cold. Another key: sneakers. They’re comfortable, they keep your feet warm (but not too warm), and they work with any outfit in any climate.

Do: Pick a Stylish (but Roomy) Handbag

The one carry on and one “personal belonging” limit is our favorite airplane rule because it’s basically a way to cheat the system and bring two bags – and even more clothes – with us. You’ll obviously pack all of your bigger things – shoes, pants, tops, etc. – in your carry-on suitcase, but a roomy purse means that you can keep some other essentials close when you’re carry-on is tucked into the overhead compartment. We’re talking laptop, book, phone charger, toothbrush and toothpaste, contact solution, hand wipes, etc. But just because you need a bag with some extra room doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style for space. We’re all about finding a purse that works twice as hard to give you the space you need for all your necessities while still looking totally chic in the process.

Don’t: Be Impractical

Okay, we know we said that a purse was the perfect way to load up on some more essentials before getting on your flight, but that doesn’t mean you should take it too far. If you have so much extra stuff that it’s visibly overflowing out of your bag, you probably need to reduce your load. It might be hard to hear, but you have one of two options: either cut back on your packing list or splurge on that extra checked bag. But don’t worry, you’ll be happy in the end, since it will make it easier on you when you don’t have to be worried about dragging around a crazy-heavy purse or backpack all day.


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