The Eye-Brightening Trick Your Makeup Routine is Missing

The holiday season can take its toll on you. From the late night parties to the longer-than-you-can-bear flights and layovers, this time of year is bound to leave you feeling exhausted. And unfortunately, when you’re feeling a little worn out, it tends to show on your face – especially in your eyes. And while you might have a laundry list of makeup tricks that you can use to brighten up some fatigued, red eyes – we’re talking about that inner eye highlighter or an eyelash curler – your best bet might be something you’re missing form your usual eye routine.

According to makeup artists, a tried and true trick to getting your eyes as bright and clear as possible is employing the help of eye drops. And while clear eye drops are good and will get the job done, an even better option is to go with blue eyedrops. “Blue is on the opposite side of the color wheel and balances a red eye,” Gállány beauty founder Ida Gàl-Csiszar said in an interview with Marie Claire. Basically, the tinted drops help to neutralize any yellow or red discoloration in your eyes, making them a bright white that helps you look more awake and that serves to make your usual eye makeup pop just a bit more.

While the blue drops aren’t that easy to get stateside – they’re more of a thing in France – you can luckily snag some online from brands like Laiter Collyre Bleu or Innoxa. A couple words to the wise though: these drops are pretty powerful, so you’ll want to use them sparingly, and if you wear contacts, you’ll want to make sure to pop them out before using these drops.

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