The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Always Looking Stylish (with Minimal Effort)

If you spend more time hitting snooze than you do actually getting ready in the morning, you know the struggle of trying to look as good as you possibly can with the least amount of effort. As a lazy girl, your bed is your best friend, so some days you’ll find yourself sacrificing a cute outfit for a few more minutes under the covers. Good news — you don’t have to compromise anymore. Maximize your beauty sleep, minimize the amount of time and effort exerted, and still achieve a perfectly put together look with these quick tips that every lazy girl should follow religiously.

Remain Neutral

This first step to making your routine easier is to create a neutral wardrobe. Shop for solid, neutral, versatile pieces that you can throw on with literally anything and you’ll never go wrong. A simple black or white t-shirt will be your new best friend, if it wasn’t already.

Embrace Comfy Clothes

Remember to think about comfort level when picking out clothes. Soft, loose clothing, like an oversized sweater or cardigan, is the best way to keep that cozy feeling with you all day, even after you’ve struggled out of bed. And, the oversized look is in now, so you’re actually being trendy.

Stick to the One Piece Rule

Sometimes putting two things together to create an outfit, even when your closet is all solids and neutrals, can be too much effort. The solution: throw on that comfy romper, jumpsuit or dress. It is the absolute easiest outfit you can put on, and it will actually look like you kind of tried, even though we both know you didn’t.

Avoid Dry Cleaning

Laundry is a lazy girl’s worst nightmare, so save yourself a trip to the dry cleaner’s and the trouble of learning how to hand wash things — no, thank you — by making sure all your clothes are machine washable. Wash with cold water and dry on low to make clothes last longer and save yourself an equally annoying trip to the mall before it’s necessary. This tip will leave you with extra money to buy a nice Tempurpedic pillow or a new cashmere blanket.

Bye-Bye Bras

Does anyone actually like wearing bras? The answer is obviously no, but it probably wouldn’t be appropriate to show up to work flying free under your dress or blouse. That’s where lacy bralettes – the single greatest creation on Earth – come in. Stay comfortable and stop worrying about your ugly bra showing because these things are cute.

Save Your Feet

Now that the platform shoe and low heel are making their way back into the fashion scene, there is really no reason for you to ever wear real heels. Just don’t do it. Wear sneakers, slides or platform sandals, but not heels. It’s uncomfortable and unnecessary.

Choose a Reliable Statement Piece

So here you are, wearing loose, comfy, neutral, solid outfits with flats every day. While there are ways to make this look work to your advantage, it could be easier to spice things up with a trusty statement piece. This could be anything from a bright bag, decorative jacket, or trendy necklace. Choose one that you like, and throw it on over your all black outfit to, again, give the illusion that you tried. Everyone will be fooled.

Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Now that your outfit routine is simplified, it’s time to tackle your beauty routine. No one has the time or the energy to paint on a full face of makeup in the morning. Two words: tinted moisturizer. Lazy girls also don’t like showering in the morning — sometimes not at night either — so skip that and opt for dry shampoo. If even that is too much effort, a hat will do the trick. Last but not least, everyone looks better for a tan. No need to actually go outside or to a tanning salon now that self tanner exists, so rub some on to complete your — literally — effortless look.

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