The Queen’s Best Looks from 53 Years of Royal Ascot

Queen Elizabeth loves the Royal Ascot. And we don’t just mean in a “she’s an avid fan” kind of way. We mean in a “this has literally been referred to as one of her favorite weeks of the year” way. In her 53-year reigh, the queen hasn’t missed a single run of the five-day British horse racing event. And with her impeccable attendance has come, no doubt, an even more impeccable showcase of some seriously royal looks that the queen has been serving up for decades. With the 2018 Royal Ascot having just recently come to an end, we decided that, rather than spend our time gushing over the queen’s few looks from this season, we could instead take this time to do a little retrospective on some of her most iconic Royal Ascot looks from over the years.


Welcome to the ’60s! Can we please bring long white gloves back into casual streetwear? Bonus points for two-toned blues.


Grooooovy baby. That lime green getup is almost as sweet as the nifty red piping to its right.


1980It’s the ’80s baby! Although the Queen hasn’t exactly been a strong proponent of change when it comes to her hairstyles (don’t fix what’s not broken, we suppose), it’s nice to see that this decade had her mixing things up with some flouncy florals. Also, talk about some seriously strong brooch game.


The Queen used this decade to settle into her love for blazers, and Prince Philip stood steady by her side (and her fashion choices).


It’s a new millennium, but it’s the same old (though hardly tired) pastels and mischievous grins from our favorite monarch across the seas.


The Queen has got her color-blocking on lockdown. But if you ask us, no amount of stylish hats and coats can compete with Her Royal Highness’s best accessory of all: that radiant smile.

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