These are All of the ’90s Trends You Can Catch Us Wearing This Summer

Some trends should remain buried deep in the past (why we ever thought that skirts over jeans made sense is beyond us), but there are others that we’re more than happy to welcome back into our usual style rotation. Case in point: there’s a ’90s fashion revival up and about lately, and we are all for it. We picked out our favorite looks from two decades (omg!) years ago that you can catch us wearing for the rest of the summer.

Tiny Sunglasses

Tiny oval sunglasses are making a comeback, and can easily make any ensemble look a little more on trend this summer. Plus, if you opt for a colored pair, it’s a super simple way to add a pop of color to your look without going over the top. Maybe they aren’t exactly the best eye protection money can buy, but devoted fan Bella Hadid has officially convinced us they’re more than just a passing fad.

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Andy Wolf Armstrong Oval-Frame Sunglasses$335

Wide-Leg Pants

Can we all send a thank you note to whoever decided to bring easy, breezy, beautiful wide-leg pants back into our lives? Give your skinny jeans a well-deserved break and let the remainder of this summer be a time for your legs to breathe. Think Gwen Stefani in her OG No Doubt days (just maybe without the questionable hair choices).

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Zara Faded Linen Pants$16

Backless Tops

While some people were smitten with the thought of bending it like Beckham, we were far too concerned with trying to pull off a backless top like Kiera Knightley at the club to worry about artfully maneuvering a soccer ball (err, football). Now, years later, we’re still where we were before. It’s hot outside people, so let the heat roll off your back instead of down it. These tie-back tops are a flirty addition to any dancefloor, and let you show off your flawlessly applied self-tanner that doesn’t bum everyone out with weird tan lines from trendy swimsuits.

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Marques Almeida Halterneck Backless Top$175

Crop Tops

Smocked, ribbed, and striped, we want ’em all! Crop tops have been back for a minute, but we still love them with high-waist mom jeans or a flirty skirt. All hail the power of a little bit of bare belly – especially when you’ve got a tan to show off.

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H&M Smocked Off-the-Shoulder Top$7


Overalls were all the rage in the ’90s, as evidenced by their appearance in, like, every movie and tv show from the decade. Which begs the questions: why did we ever let these go, and what better summertime adventure outfit were we expecting to come along in place of the overalls? The pants are connected to the top people! Total protection!

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Gap Relaxed Denim Overalls$90


Many people think that summer is the time to chop your locks, but mark our words: they are wrong. Keep that mane long – at least long enough to pull it up off your neck and out of your face to keep the sweats at bay. Thankfully, the once-beloved scrunchie has come back to claim her throne and help you keep your (longer) locks pulled back and out of your visage. Hooray for the return of the casual statement hairpiece!

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Tasha Sparkle Scrunchie$10


Say “howdy y’all!” to everyone’s favorite Americana accessory: the bandana! Although the days of wrapping a bandana around your torso and calling it a top may be vague nostalgic memories by now (thank the heavens), the square swatch of fabric is nothing if not versatile. We love the bandana-as-a-ponytail-tie look, or even tied up as a chic choker in lieu of a wintry scarf.

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Anthropologie Springworthy Bandana$18

Bucket Hats

Dads across the country rejoice in their fashion-forward thinking: bucket hats have made the perilous journey to the top of the summer trend list. How? Literally, no one knows, but staying sun-safe and style-savvy is a win-win for us!

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Topshop Metallic Bucket Hat$18
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