These Are Most Comfortable Heels, According to Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen Instagram on red carpet for Vogue

There are few fashion tips that we wouldn’t take from the Olsens. (And by few, we obviously mean none whatsoever.) But even if we’d be willing to take any bit of their fashion sense and wisdom as law, there is a special place in our heart for advice that pertains to two key categories: heels and comfort. And Elizabeth Olsen, as fate would have it, has just given us a twofer. Oh, lucky day. 

In an interview with InStyle, the younger Olsen dished on some of her footwear faves. “I like a classic silhouette, and heels don’t work that well for me because I always have foot cramps,” she told the magazine. But Olsen did reveal that there’s a single pair of pumps in her closet that are an exception to the oft-painful experience of rocking heels all day. “My black Manolo Blahnik pumps are the most comfortable heels I own.”

As if we needed one more thing to fuel our Carrie Bradshaw-esque obsession with the iconic brand, Olsen’s seal of approval can now take its place on the list of reasons why Manolo Blahnik’s are a worthy addition (even if a pricey one) to any shoe collection.

While a stylish-yet-comfortable pair of heels is always good news, the better news is that you can make even the most stylish-but-uncomfortable pair of heels a lot easier to rock all day long with a dab of Sole Serum.

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