These Are the Best Shoes for Any Kind of Bride This Summer

Now that summer is upon us, tons of brides are putting the finishing touches on their wedding and getting ready to say “I do” in the summer heat. One of the biggest things that ladies look forward too when they are preparing to walk down the aisle is finding that perfect dress. And of course, with the need for the perfect dress comes the need for a perfect pair of shoes to go with it; a pair that not only suits each bride’s unique style, but works well with the theme and venue of your wedding, too. Here, a few of our favorite picks for the

Formal Summer Bride

ASOS Bridal Embellished Heeled Sandal$50

These show-stoppers may be hidden underneath the fabrics of your beautiful dress, but there’s always a chance that the light could catch them at some point, and when that happens, they are guaranteed to dazzle the crowd. They go great with an off-white (ivory) dress, and will add height to petite figures.

Outdoor Bride

Adrianna Papell Adelaide Ankle Strap Wedge Evening Sandal$119

When it comes to outdoor weddings, it’s hard to choose what kinds of shoes to wear. Since you’ll be the one doing most of the walking throughout the ceremony, it’s important not to wear stiletto heels because of potentially sinking straight into the dirt and grass. These wedges will help you steer clear of that problem. The glossy texture of the shoe is easily cleanable so if any dirt ends up on your feet, you can wipe it away quickly before going to the altar.

Statement Bride

Oscar De La Renta Ambria Metallic Leather Lace Sandal$1,190

If you’re the kind of bride that is looking to make a statement and be fashion-forward even on her wedding day, these more dramatic risk takers are exactly what you need. The one caveat? You’re not going to want to show them off too much during the ceremony, since they’re sure to steal the show (and that’s your job).

Beach Bride

Ancient Greek Sandals Lito Faux Pearl-Embellished Metallic Leather Sandal$220

It shouldn’t come as a shock that beaches are the most popular wedding venue during the summer season. It also shouldn’t come as much of a shock that it’s pretty much impossible to wear heels while walking in sand (it’s hard wearing any type of shoe, for that matter). Some tropical brides tend to walk towards their groom with no shoes, but if that’s not really your style, then these pearl-accented sandals are the perfect choice for you.


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