These Fall Decorating Tips Will Give Your Home the Ultimate Autumnal Vibes

The air is crisp, the leaves are crunchy, and everything tastes like pumpkin: congratulations! You’ve made it to fall.

But why leave all those cozy vibes for the outside world? Just because you don’t live on an idyllic farm in the middle of a picturesque forest doesn’t mean you can’t recreate a homey, comfy feel. Bring some hygge-esque comfort indoors for an uber autumnal mood with these simple, adorable decor tricks and treats.

Bring on the foliage.
Add in some cedar stems (faux or for real) to your usual bouquet for a woodland look. Bonus points for a wood-grain vase with all the warm, forest feels. Magnolia leaves, berry-filled branches, and colorful leafy wreathes are all great options. We do not recommend bringing in potentially bug-filled foliage from the streets, so maybe reusable but believable fakery is your best bet.

Flannel it up.
Lumberjacks loved it before we did, and then Brooklyn hipsters took the trend by storm, and now it’s so mainstream that you can get away with wearing it to Sunday brunch. Flannel is super soft, keeps you snug for hours on end, and is almost always accompanied by some form of plaid. Although we prefer to go flannel hunting at vintage stores, we also love a plaid pouf here and there, as well as a blanket to wrap up in for the rest of forever.

Candles, candles, and also, candles.
Besides the natural mood-lifting effects of soft, flickering candlelight, these little waxy friends can also fill your space with cinnamon, spice, and everything nice. Frasier fir is a classic and fantastic fall option brimming with the scent of yuletide pines, while the LYSNING option from Skandinavisk encapsulates the smell of serene, low-lit clearing of a boreal forest somewhere in the Nordic wilds. No really, you’re going to be OBSESSED. Plus, the beautiful designs of both candles will fit perfectly into your cozy new aesthetic, although there are some options that are even woodsier.

Throw a gourd on it.
Have an inspiring mantle space? Gourd. Open spot on the bookshelf? Gourd. Really not digging the fake foliage advice from earlier? Honey, get yourself a pile of gourds.

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