If You’re Only Going to Follow One Fashion Account on Instagram, Make It This One

Instagram has become a hub of fashion content, whether we’re talking about the bloggers who fill our feeds with style inspiration, the designers who take to the platform to showcase some of their new collections, or the visionaries who have carved out a unique (and oh-so-welcome) space for spoofs-meet-high fashion content (we’re looking at you, Gryffindior).

And now, you can add one more Instagram account to the (already flourishing, no doubt) list of must-follow picks. Fair warning, though: this may be the strangest yet. By far.

The latest account on our radar, @Checking_Invoices, is the whimsical, fantastical fashion dream of two anonymous Milan-based Greeks working in the fashion industry as a stylist and a set designer/filmmaker. They started the account in 2016 after having some fun with all the samples they were pulling for shoots. The username is poking some fun at the industry and pretty straightforward about the nature of working in the fashion space. “Being a stylist is about checking invoices of the items all the time,” the photographer told Vogue.

This account serves up major looks, but with a major twist, as well: the duo – who, again, have chosen to remain anonymous – always wear head-to-toe bodysuits (shoutout to that icy blue snakeskin #lewk) under their high fashion ensembles. The bodysuits obscure any recognizable features of the ladies behind the account, but do so without taking away from the fabulous designer outfits layered on top of them.

Now, at its simplest, this account has some basic elements – impressive fashion, shrouded in a kind of compelling mystery – to keep us wanting more. But even deeper beneath the surface, there’s a bit of a deeper message in the mix. In the age of social media, it’s easy to feel claustrophobic and over-exposed at the same time. The magic of the masked bodysuit is kind of that it frees the women behind @Checking_Invoices and allows them to be performers for a moment, rather than just a couple more faces on a busy Instagram feed.

So please, we implore you(yes, we implore you): take a scroll through @Checkin_Invoices and embrace the fabulously-dressed freedom.

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