These New Sandals Look Like Lettuce for Your Feet and We’re Unsure of What to Think

rombaut lettuce sandal

We’re all about eating your veggies, but now one designer is making a case for wearing them, too – in the form of a lettuce pool slide sandal. (Come again?)

Okay, first things first, some background: in case you didn’t already know it, Mats Rombaut is a vegan. Very vegan. That’s largely why the Belgian-born, Paris-based shoe designer made the decision to launch his own shoe brand, Rombaut, back in 2013, after recognizing that there was a gap in the footwear industry that called for a wider variety of vegan options for shoppers. The brand has since gained a loyal following from fashion icons like Bella Hadid.

Not long after launching the brand, Rombaut began driving the vegan essence of the brand home by creating vegetable shoe sculptures that married artful shoe design with, well, vegetables and herbs.

“I wanted to communicate that the brand was vegan,” Rombaut explained to Vogue. “We made these sculptures out of vegetables and we were placing these posters around Paris and as an invitation for the showroom. Ever since, I have been doing that.”

But what Rombaut really wanted, as he told Vogue, was to bring those sculptures to life in the form of actual footwear. And now – after some time of keeping his vision confined to visual renditions of high heels made out of turnips and ankle garnishes crafted from sliced carrots, the vegan designer has brought his dream of a wearable vegetable shoe to life.

So, does this mean Rombaut’s latest sandals are going to have you walking around with wilting leaves of lettuce on your foot? No, thank goodness.

Unlike Rombaut’s shoe sculptures, which do use very real vegetables, his new line of veggie-inspired pool slides only look like they’re made from real vegetables. The first item to make its way into the seemingly expanding collection is a green pool slide with what looks like a bright leaf of butter lettuce as the upper sandal band, and a kale-colored sole down below. The second is a similar sandal, but this time purple and made to look like cabbage.

Intrigued? The limited-edition sandals – which there are only 50 pairs of each, by the way – are available for pre-order now on Rombaut’s site, and are retailing for about $120 a pair.

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