This App is Combatting Fake Product Reviews En Masse

Lately, it seems like every other post on Instagram is a shopping post with some kind of sponsored content. With the rise of the influencer industry, paid sponsorships are only becoming more and more popular, even trickling down into a new group called the “nanoinfluencers.” But most consumers are still interested in honest product reviews, and are starting to tighten the circle of whose recs are considered trustworthy. So where does one go (besides a mass text/social media story/scream into the void) to find the product they want from sources that aren’t being paid for?

The two leading ladies behind the new app MASSE think they have an answer. MASSE provides one location specifically designed for sourcing reviews from everyday people, without the payments or endorsements involved in #sponsored #ads. The app features a wide range of products, from cosmetics to kitchenware and even baby gear, which have all been recommended by other users. On MASSE, users can ask questions and make suggestions, kind of like a busy two-way street. So you can scroll, shop, and suggest away all for the sake of helping and being helped.

How does it work, exactly? After making a profile, users can choose to ask for a rec from the network. Looking for a new coffee machine but don’t want any pods piddling about? Put the specifics in your post, and await the responses. Other users can source from within the app’s catalogue (which includes major brands like Jet, Glossier, Sephora, and more), or pull any product they want from all over the internet. Turns out, an affordable French press may be just what you’re looking for.

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